The charging line of Tesla northwest ring line was officially connected

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charging line tesla northwest ring

[ Car home ]  Recently, Tesla officially announced that , Starting from Xining , Long 2229km Of “ Northwest ring road ” The overcharge line has been officially connected , These include 8 A super charging station and 3 A destination power station , The distance between charging stations is about 200km.

“ Northwest ring road ” Through Qinghai 、 Gansu Province , The charging line can cover crescent spring 、 Emerald Lake 、 Qinghai Lake 、 Colorful Danxia and many other beautiful scenery worthy of our stop . In this line , Most overcharge stations use Tesla V2 Charging pile , The overcharge station in Xining is equipped with Tesla's latest V3 Charging pile . At the end of the line 11 In one charging station , The farthest charging station is just 276km, It can meet the energy supplement needs of most Tesla users .

Up to now , Tesla has several popular self driving charging lines , Than before 318 Sichuan Tibet section of national highway 、 From Horgos in the west to Zhoushan in the East 、 Yunnan Guizhou Sichuan Chongqing line, etc . Before that, Tesla CEO Musk also said , Tesla overcharge network will gradually open to other brands of pure electric vehicles all over the world , If so , More pure electric vehicle users can also get rid of their concerns , Join the ranks of long-distance self driving . Are you interested in Tesla's overcharge line ? Will you drive Tesla to see the great rivers and mountains of the motherland ?( writing / Car home You Dongqing )

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