Embedded news early bus - issue 16

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embedded news early bus issue

【3-5 Minutes reading 】

【 The State Administration of market supervision has filed an investigation into the automobile chip distribution enterprises suspected of driving up prices 】

In view of the hype in the automotive chip market 、 High prices and other prominent problems , In recent days, , The State Administration of market supervision and administration shall, according to price monitoring and reporting clues , The car chip distribution enterprises suspected of driving up prices are put on file for investigation .

next step , The State Administration of market supervision will continue to pay attention to the market price order of chips and other important commodities , Further strengthen supervision and law enforcement , Strictly investigate and deal with hoarding 、 Bid up the price 、 Collusion in price increases and other illegal activities .

URL: http://www.samr.gov.cn/xw/zj/202108/t20210803_333318.html

【 Lexin technology released IEEE 802.15.4 + Bluetooth 5.2 (LE) RISC-V SoC ESP32-H2】

IEEE 802.15.4 For low power consumption mesh Network scene , Through to Thread and Zigbee Protocol support , Expand the scope of application .

Bluetooth LE Support peer-to-peer 、 Broadcast and mesh Networking and other topologies , And can communicate directly with smart phones .


【 The new Tang Dynasty M7 The kernel chip goes online 】

They are inverter oriented KM1M7BF Series and for digital power supply KM1M7AF series .


【TJpgDec small JPEG Upgrade the decoding library to V0.03】

This library is from FatFS The author of ChaN teacher , It's been released for years , Recently updated again . It features RAM The demand is very small .

specifications :


【 Toshiba launches motor control oriented TXZ+ Series of chips ,M4 kernel 】

The feature is the integrated motor control circuit A-PMD( Advanced programmable motor driver )、32 Bit encoder A-ENC( Advanced encoder ) And vector engines A-VE+( Advanced vector engine +).


【ThreadX The kernel and all its middleware 6.1.8 The version is coming 】

almost 1 Update once a month , Every update can some customer feedback questions .


【IAR All kinds of breakpoints play , Code breakpoints , Data breakpoints , Conditional breakpoints , Log breakpoints, etc 】

IAR The content of the official website , It's more practical :



【RISC-V Version of soft core NEORV32】

use VHDL To write , Can be optimized , Customizable 32bit Full function RISC-V kernel CPU. And the author also provides a software environment , Chip debugging and other one-stop design schemes .



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