Jeep's first electric car will be unveiled or modeled as a Wrangler

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jeep electric car unveiled modeled

[ Car home  ]  stay PSA Group and Fiat Chrysler Group (FCA) Merge into a new Stellantis After the group , This enterprise is accelerating the development of new energy vehicles ,Stellantis The group announced that it would launch 21 New energy vehicles , These include 11 A pure electric car and 10 A plug-in hybrid model .

『Jeep Megneto Concept car 』

In China, ,Jeep Brand will be the future Stellantis The top priority of the group , therefore ,Jeep Brand pure electric vehicles will probably be introduced into the Chinese market . recently ,Stellantis The group announced that its first mass-produced electric vehicle will be in 2023 Launched in 2013 .

『Jeep Megneto Concept car 』

Jeep What is the first mass-produced electric vehicle model has not been determined yet , however , At present, there are two kinds of speculation , One guess is that this model will be Megneto The mass production version of the concept car , It's actually a pure electric model of the Wrangler . And another guess ,Jeep Will make a smaller electric car , But this model may give priority to sales in the European market .( writing / Car home Qin Chao )

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