Focus on wetland performance Goodyear releases AXA SUV tires

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focus wetland performance goodyear releases

[ Car home ]  The rainy season is coming , As we often have to travel by car , Tires are always the only important task of contacting the ground , And for slippery roads , How to ensure better wet braking performance 、 Maneuverability , At the same time, it can give consideration to daily durability and firmness , This seems to be true for everyone “ Household party ” Generally speaking, they are the core issues to be considered .

In the recently , Goodyear announced the release of an Cheng SUV Tire sequence , Officials say the new product will focus on the combination of wet road performance and durability , What are the highlights of this new product , We might as well peep first !

location : Middle end SUV, Main wetland 、 durable

From the perspective of product positioning , Goodyear's SUV Tires are mainly composed of Yucheng and Yingchi series , The former is luxurious , The latter has high-performance handling , And this release of an Cheng , It makes up for SUV Vacancies in the mid tier tire market , And it has its own characteristics in wetland performance , Obviously for “ The vast number of households SUV The owner ” Specially prepared .

The silicon containing formula with higher viscosity enables this new product to have better water grasping ability and adhesion on wet and stagnant roads , To put it bluntly, let the tires have when driving on slippery roads “ More viscous properties ”.

For most family car use scenarios , In addition to daily nail rolling , The most likely cause of tire scrapping is the damage to the sidewall , It's hard to fix , It's easy “ A blow is fatal ”, In this case , Ancheng SUV The tire improves the structure of the ply , It can effectively improve the defense ability of the sidewall , For those who often “ Pour the duck ” For my riders , It's definitely a Gospel .

Applicable models and specifications : Compatible with most home appliances SUV

Edit summary : For mainstream families SUV Wetland durable tires in the market

Paving environment + A certain degree of bad road , That's enough to represent the car needs of most people , In addition, it is the performance of wet and slippery pavement , For example, the long rainy season , And an Cheng SUV The release of tires is obviously aimed at this pragmatic demand , Only from the official release of this information , This tyre is suitable for “ Users south of the Yangtze River ” It can be said to be quite applicable , What about? , Do you have a heart ?( writing / Car home Ren Bo )

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