How does this appearance behave? New BMW M2 hypothetical picture exposure

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appearance behave new bmw m2

[ Car home  ]  recently , We got a brand new (|) Hypothetical diagram of vehicle model , As a replacement model , The new car will not only be fully adjusted for the appearance design , meanwhile , The power system is expected to be upgraded and optimized simultaneously , To make a long story short , This one is praised by many car fans as “ The driver's car ” The famous models are expected to be more competitive .

Maybe many friends think , As a steel gun model focusing on the high-performance market , Cash models are relatively “ Soft and beautiful ” The line design is not enough to show its combat attributes . From the obtained hypothetical diagram, we can see , The new car will have a completely different overall style from the current model , With the blessing of many horizontal lines , The new car will have a stronger sense of power , Sports attributes can be fully displayed .

Front part , The new car is equipped with a more square front grille , Inside or will be equipped with black banners , Has a fairly high degree of recognition . Besides , The front surround of the new car will also adopt a more regular layout , It goes well with the new style of front grille . Besides , The new car will also be equipped with a tougher headlamp set , Although not as smart as the current model , But the style is more in line with the new front face design .

before , We have also obtained spy photos of new cars for road test , Although the new car is covered with a tighter disguise , But we can see , The new car will have a smooth roof line , meanwhile , The radical sports rim will not be absent . The rear part , The new car adopts bilateral four out exhaust layout , meanwhile , The slightly cocked spoiler can further highlight the fighting style of the vehicle .

motivation , According to the information obtained previously , The new car is expected to be equipped with a 3.0T Twin turbocharged in-line six cylinder engine , The most powerful 457 horsepower (336 kw ), Peak torque 542 cattle ・ rice . The transmission system will provide automatic transmission and manual transmission .( writing / Car home Andy du )

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