Pricing or 20000 Euro Volkswagen will push entry-level pure electric vehicles

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pricing euro volkswagen push entry-level

[ Car home ]  Recently, foreign media reported that , For the further development of electric vehicle strategy , Three brands of Volkswagen Group 、 Syat 、 Skoda will be in 2024 In, it launched an entry-level small pure electric vehicle . It is reported that , The initial price of Volkswagen brand small electric vehicles is 2 Within 10000 euros ( renminbi 15.29 Ten thousand yuan ), Skoda's entry-level pure electric vehicle pricing is similar .

Foreign media said , The Volkswagen brand will be launched in 2025 Launched in 2013 ID.1, On 2027 Launched in 2013 ID.2; Skoda will 2024 Launched in mid - Elrog, It is expected to be a compact crossover ; At the same time, SIAT will also launch similar models , The brand is expected to 2025 Annual mass production of small pure electric vehicles Acandra. Popular brands CEO Ralph ? Brantast (Ralf Brandst?tter) Express , Skoda will lead the research and development of small electric vehicles of Volkswagen Group .

In China's new energy market , There are not many entry-level pure electric products , But few joint venture brand products are available . But just recently , Some foreign media said that Tesla's new compact car has also made substantial progress , It is not ruled out that it has built a prototype vehicle , It is planned to test produce by the end of this year ; Combined with the planning of Volkswagen Group , I think it's really possible for brands such as joint venture or Tesla to launch entry-level pure electric vehicles , And how hot China's new energy market is , I believe they also have the opportunity to enter the country . If the public 、 Tesla launches cheap pure electric vehicles , Would you buy ?( Source :caradisiac; writing / Car home You Dongqing )

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