The three major U.S. car companies hope that the sales of electric vehicles will reach 50% by 2030

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u.s. car companies hope sales

[ Car home  ]  Foreign media quoted sources as saying , The three major automakers in Detroit plan to announce on Thursday , We hope to 2030 Years have 40%-50% The model is electric vehicle , They called on the U. S. government to provide billions of dollars in aid , To achieve this goal .

In order to reduce greenhouse gas pollution , The US government has been urging domestic carmakers , To 2030 Achieve at least 40% Voluntary commitment to the sale of electric vehicles . meanwhile , The US government is also working with GM 、 ford 、Stellantis Communicate about electric vehicles and fuel economy standards , And willing to spend 1740 Billion dollars to promote the development of electric vehicles , These include 1000 $billion in consumer incentives . U.S. President Joe Biden also set the United States to 2030 The annual sales of non emission vehicles reached 50% The goal of .

Although sales of electric vehicles in the United States other than Tesla are still small , But automakers are still spending tens of billions of dollars to accelerate the popularity of electric vehicles .Stellantis Express , To 2030 The year will exceed 40% Our cars achieve low emissions . General Motors hopes to 2035 Stop selling gasoline cars in , And hope to focus on pure electric vehicles . Ford plans to 2030 At least a year 40% My car is a pure electric car .

Consultancy, AlixPartners forecast , Although electric vehicles now account for only... Of the total global car sales 2%, But to 2030 In, electric vehicles will account for... Of the total global automobile sales 24% about .( writing / Car home Qin Chao )

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