The Audi skysphere concept car will debut on August 10

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audi skysphere concept car debut

[ Car home ]  In recent days, , Audi officially announced , Will be in 8 month 10 Evening, Central European time 7 spot ( Beijing time. 8 month 11 Early morning 1 spot ), In the form of online display, a product called “Skysphere” Concept car . The new car is one of the three concept cars used by Audi to show its vision for the future of electric luxury , It's also “sphere” The first concept car in the series .

This electric convertible sports car , It will show Audi's future design concept and development direction . From the preview , It is obvious that it has no roof , The ratio of the front cabin to the body is very exaggerated , It forms a body shape with a strong sense of impact , This avant-garde design style sports car reproduces... In a more sporty form Targa Type body structure .

After we highlight the contrast of the preview , No more details were found , However, it can be found that the inclination angle of the new car's front windshield is very exaggerated , The whole streamlined style almost forms a whole with the car body itself . The tail lamp shape is a very bold design highlight , It will be arranged in a dot matrix , And its area accounts for a very large proportion .

Besides , The interior of the new car will only be equipped with two seats , The center of gravity is also very backward , But considering that this model is a pure electric product , We think this long head design is only for the beauty of modeling . Audi brand leader Henrik Wenders Explain to the , In fact, the interior design concept of the new car and the equipped digital ecosystem are the key to this model , It will realize a new car machine interactive problem experience . Audi calls this new interior design around passengers “sphere( field )”. In addition, there are foreign media speculation , The design language of this model will be applied to Audi in the future R8 The electric successor of the sports car . More about new cars , We will continue to pay attention .( writing / Car home graduation )

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