GAC AEAN announced that the terminal sales volume in July was 10604 vehicles

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gac aean announced terminal sales

[ Car home ]  In recent days, , GAC AEAN announced that the brand is in 7 The terminal sales volume reached 10604 car , And the order volume of this month has exceeded 1.6 Thousands of cars . According to the information published by the brand , stay 2021 year 1-6 In the number of cards in the month , Proportion of individual users 77%, Proportion of industrial users 23%.

『AION S Plus』


At present, gac-ea has AION S/AION S Plus、AION V、AION Y、AION LX Several models on sale ; among AION S It occupies a lot of share in the travel market , and AION S Plus It has been fully optimized , It has attracted the attention of many users .AION V and AION Y The spatial performance of the two models is the highlight , More in line with household needs .AION LX It is currently the flagship model of ai'an , In assisted driving 、 Space 、 To configure 、 Good performance in terms of endurance, etc .



GAC AIAN said , Ai'an intelligent ecological factory has 10 Annual capacity reserve of 10000 vehicles , But now the capacity utilization has exceeded 140%. GAC also said , To 2035 year , The whole group strives to realize automobile production and marketing 500 Thousands of cars , The proportion of new energy vehicles is expected to reach 50%. In terms of energy supplement efficiency that pure electric vehicle users pay more attention to , Gac-e'an returned to 7 Month shows 6C Super fast charging technology , And said the technology will be in 2021 year 9 It was first equipped in AION V On , These advantages will also become a catalyst to promote the growth of order volume .( writing / Car home You Dongqing )

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