What domestic new energy vehicles are on the market from August to December? BYD has 3 models, and the new forces perform well

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domestic new energy vehicles market

The car market is after a unified off-season , The golden nine silver ten sales season is coming soon , In order to fight this battle , That car company is sure to launch new cars to help the growth of sales , Expand market share . The new energy vehicle is the key development object of the main engine plant of automobile enterprises , The new car launched must be indispensable . therefore , Next, let's take an inventory of this year's 8—12 Which new cars of independent brands will be launched in January .

The first paragraph : element PLUS

BYD put yuan EV After the production , Another yuan Pro EV, Now the market response is good , Sales continue to rise , And Yuan PLUS The arrival of BYD means that BYD is not satisfied with this , It wants to use yuan PLUS To develop compact SUV market . So here comes the question , What about song series models ?

at present , element PLUS The real car map has been exposed , You can see yuan PLUS The body size of the has increased , Its length, width and height are respectively 4455mm、1875mm、1615mm, The wheelbase is 2720mm, So the front is equipped with “ imperial countenance ” After that, it will be more than yuan Pro EV Better coordination . As for the rear of the . Run through LED Tail lamp modeling and BYD e The series of pure electric vehicles are very similar to , delicate , There is no lack of fashion .

As for power and range , BYD has not officially announced , But there is information disclosure , The maximum power of its driving motor is 204 horsepower , Peak torque 330N·m, Similarly, blade batteries will not be absent .

In the second paragraph : han EV Standard endurance luxury

7 month , tesla Model 3 Experienced another price reduction , It's down this time 15000 element , And after the price reduction Model 3 The price of the standard endurance version is 23.59 Ten thousand yuan . obviously , Tesla's round of operation touched BYD's central nervous system , If Han EV No coping strategies , Then its sales will be affected .

therefore , han EV Here comes the standard range Deluxe , The price after subsidy is 20.98 Ten thousand yuan . Have to admit , The continuous price reduction of Tesla's models has really put a lot of pressure on domestic pure electric vehicles .

Actually, Han EV The main change point of the standard range luxury model is the range . Before that , han EV Our entry-level model is the super long endurance luxury model , The range is 605km, And Han EV The range of the standard and luxury models is 506km. Reduced range 99km, The price has come down 2 Ten thousand yuan .

in addition , About the power in the car 、 interior 、 To configure , han EV There will be no change in the standard range luxury model , The new model is expected this year 9 Delivery starts in January .

In the third paragraph : han DM-i

Dangtang series 、 Song series 、 Qin series were launched DM-i When the car model , Naturally, Han series models can't be idle , Jihan EV、 han DM after , han DM-i The model will also meet with you at the end of this year . Since it is DM-i models , Nahan DM-i It must be energy saving , So Han DM The one on 2.0T The engine will be removed , In its place 1.5T The engine , Its maximum horsepower is 139 horse , And the drive motor , The maximum horsepower is 197 horse . As for the power battery , Will continue to use lithium iron phosphate blade batteries .

Judging from the current information , han DM-i The overall appearance modeling is similar to that of Han DM There is not much difference between models , However, there are differences between hidden door handles and non hidden door handles in details . If you wait until Han DM-i After listing , With its big space 、 good-looking 、 It also has the characteristics of fuel saving , It's still worth buying .

The fourth paragraph : Xiao peng P5

Independent brand new energy vehicles can not always be traditional car enterprises singing on the stage , The new forces of car making have to come out and brush their sense of existence . Xiao peng P5, After bouncing around the car market for more than half a year, it will finally be listed in the third quarter , But before that , Xiao peng P5 It's already on sale , The pre-sale price is 16—23 Ten thousand yuan . Follow your own brand style , Xiao peng P5 At the time of official listing , The price should be pleasantly surprised .

Xiao peng P5 The biggest highlight of is that it is equipped with dual lidar , For it, realize automatic driving in urban roads , It shouldn't be difficult . As for motivation , Xiao peng P5 The maximum power of the drive motor is 155KW, Peak torque is 310N·m, And about the range , Xiao peng P5 Would provide 460km、550km、600km Three versions .

The fifth paragraph : Harper beast DHT models

you 're right , Harvard has a new car again , And the naming of the new car is still unusual , Name is “ Mythical Animals ”. So this car “ god ” Where is it ?

The first is the appearance “ god ”, The whole vehicle design of the divine beast is unique in the Harvard car system , Modeling science fiction 、 fashion , It is quite recognizable , But what I want to say is , The boundless design style of Harvard beast is similar to that of Chang'an UNI The design language of the series is similar .

Dynamic part , The Harper beast is expected to carry 1.5T The engine , The maximum horsepower is 184 horse . It is reported that , The beast will also carry the latest lemon of the Great Wall DHT Hybrid system , When the , The Havre beast is not only guaranteed in power , And its fuel-saving performance will not be poor .

6 : Jiangling auto Yi

“ name of a master archer ”, It's strong to hear the name , Strong Chinese wind , What about the origin of this car ? It is the first compact pure electric car released by new energy of Jiangling group , This new energy of Jiangling group is a joint venture established by Renault group and Jiangling group . What about? ? Is that familiar , Renault is back , This time it found Jiangling Motor Group , The fuel car won't turn , It decided to start vigorously developing new energy vehicles in China's auto market .

at present , There is still too little known information about Yi , Only the official figure flows out , As for the interior 、 dynamic system 、 I still don't know the mileage . But from the appearance design of Yi , The characteristics are not prominent , On the contrary, the shape of the headlight group still feels like a cottage . After watching Yi , The only thing that impressed me was the logo .

The seventh paragraph : Love Chi U6

Love Chi car launches love Chi 5 After that 3 No news for years , After three years, , Love Chi U6 Finally here , It seems that it has not given up the new energy vehicle market . But when I learned that love Chi U6 After positioning the vehicle model , I am deeply worried about its market prospect .

Love Chi's brand strength is weak , And know love Chi U6 Even fewer people , But it has to take a sedan SUV The route of the . Domestic car coupe SUV The market is small , today , There is no car SUV Get out of the way , Love Chi U6 Can you get ahead ? I feel suspicious .

Dynamic part , Love Chi U6 Equipped with drive motor , Its maximum horsepower is 218 horse , Peak torque is 315N·m, The power is also strong , It's no problem to meet your family . Endurance mileage , Love Chi U6 Yes 503km and 580kn Two versions are optional , You can choose according to your actual needs .

summary :8—12 There are a lot of domestic new energy vehicles listed in January , It can be said that the traditional car enterprises and the new forces of car making are working together , Among them, BYD is really a big deal , But the new forces of car building are not idle , So are there any of these cars you like ?( writing / ATV forward )

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