FAW Volkswagen - Suteng, the modeling design is regular, what do you know about the shortcomings?

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faw volkswagen suteng modeling design

In the field of compact cars in our country , faw-vw - Sagitar must not be unfamiliar to everyone , It has been on the market since , It has always had a good sales performance , In sales 2-3 Wantai is a common thing . that , For such a popular compact car , Is it really worth buying ? What shortcomings do you know ? Let's follow Xiaobian to learn about it .

The public is studying the psychology of Chinese people , I have to say it's very professional , Sagitar naturally and perfectly inherits this advantage , For this modeling design , As always “ Dolls ”, It looks very “ act as an elder ”, Of course , Some people like this style , This is “ Turnip vegetables , His taste ” 了 . In terms of price , At present, the selling price range of Sagitar is :13.59-16.59 Ten thousand yuan , Compared with before 2020 Paragraph soar team ,2021 The starting price of this Sagitar has increased , The price of the top model has been reduced , After all ,2020 Paragraph soar team 1.4T The price of the top model is as high as 19.19 Ten thousand yuan , I really don't know where this courage comes from , yes “ Liang Jingru ” For you ?

As for the body size and space performance , Sagitar really doesn't have to say , This little editor has to admit , Especially the back space , It's spacious enough , It can basically meet most friends' pursuit of space . Inside the car , Sagitar also perfectly inherits the family design style , The whole looks very regular , There are not many features .

motivation ,2021 Sagitar offers 1.2T/1.4T Engine options , Transmission in , And what matches that is 5 Manual and 7 Wet and dry double clutch gearbox , It is worth mentioning that , There are a lot of complaints about Sagitar engine and transmission . About the Sagitar engine , Many car owners responded that the engine fault light was on , Then there is the problem of abnormal transmission noise , And the problems of body accessories and electrical appliances , Is this the so-called moral quality ? The last point is , Sagitar series “ drink ”95 Number of gasoline , Have to say , FAW Volkswagen is really “ senior ”. For the disadvantages of Sagitar , What else do you know ? Welcome to communicate and discuss .

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