Lingke 05 + official map is released, with young appearance and strong power. It is expected to be officially listed within the year

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lingke official map released young

For link cars , I believe many fans will not feel strange , After all , Lingke 01 Once appeared , It caused quite a stir , It has been hotly discussed by many netizens , Then the Lingke car , Continuously develop and launch new models , It has been highly praised , Especially link 03+ Appearance , As Lingke's first performance model , It once became the first choice for many young people to buy cars . In recent days, , Lingke officially released Lingke 05+ Official picture , For its emergence , What surprises will it bring us ?

Led the g 05+, As a performance in the family SUV models , The new car is expected to be officially launched this year , First of all, in terms of modeling design , The new car basically continues the design style of the current model , It's just , Some details have been adjusted to a certain extent , also , Led the g 05+ It is also equipped with a rich sports kit , To show your identity , Especially the decoration of carbon fiber Kit , So that the whole looks very " Fighting atmosphere ".

It is worth mentioning that , New brake calipers will be available in a variety of colors , A variety of hub styles will also be available , And two styles of spoiler options , In order to meet the aesthetic needs of different consumers . At the back of the car , Led the g 05+ The tail lamp adopts the design style of rectangular array , It has good recognition after lighting , The big tail above the trunk , Plus the exhaust layout with double outlet on both sides below , So as to further enhance the overall sports breath . For such a design style , Xiaobian thinks that , Led the g 05+ It basically conforms to the aesthetics of most young people at present , If the full score is ten , Led the g 05+ How much can you give me ?

motivation , Led the g 05+ Or will carry one 2.0T Turbocharged engine , Transmission in , And what matches that is 8 Self - contained gearbox , Maximum power accessible 195 kw , Such dynamic performance , It can be said to be very strong . In general , As the performance of the link family SUV models , Led the g 05+ Everything looks pretty good , If the future starting price of a new car 26 Ten thousand yuan , Do you think it will be popular with a large number of young people ? Welcome to communicate and discuss below .( eighteen / edit )

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