Young people's first frameless car? Xinlingdu is exposed, and the avatar of small A7 is really fragrant within 150000

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young people frameless car xinlingdu

Wide body sedan “ Spicy steamed bread ”—— Lingdu , The stem that was wider than lingdu was spread on the Internet , To tell you the truth, although the name of wide body sedan was very loud, it also played a communication effect , But unfortunately, it has become a joke in the mouth of netizens , However, in fact, lingdu, as a special model of SAIC Volkswagen, has performed well in all aspects , The appearance is quite high and the modeling is atmospheric , Enough power, enough space , All this keeps it from losing speed , But this car is already on the market 6 year , Slightly tired , But the good news is that it's about to change , And meet consumers with major changes .

Lingdu was the first one to be used in China MQB Platform Volkswagen models , Now the public MQB evo Platform release , At present, three models have been released, namely Audi A3、 FAW Volkswagen Golf 、 Skoda Octavia , The first model of SAIC Volkswagen also fell on lingdu this time , It will be SAIC Volkswagen's first vehicle in China MQB evo Platform Volkswagen models , But this time lingdu completely bid farewell to the popular doll style , Adopted “ Independent design ” The modelling of , But the effect is unspeakable , Although we only know about this car through the declaration map at present , But netizens gave consistent bad comments .

The reason for business trip evaluation is very simple , It's really a little ugly , Kind of like a big catfish , But will mass-produced cars change because of netizens' comments , This is not known . But the car shape is equipped with frameless door , Round it up. Isn't that a small computer A7 Do you ? If the appearance can be improved , I believe lingdu is still very good , But now that it has been declared , The possibility of changing the appearance is not high , In this way “ alternative ” Let's wait and see if the appearance of lingdu stands out .

For xinlingdu , Why do most netizens give bad comments , It's simple because it's too radical , Get rid of the popular doll design , People's aesthetic habits for Volkswagen cars have not changed, so many consumers can't accept it , Let's talk about its appearance in detail today , The first is the use of a new design language , Willow leaf machete headlights are highly recognizable , The interior of the lamp group is integrated with daytime running lights , The traditional position of the banner grille adopts a closed design , And the lower edge of the machine cover is more prominent , Integrated with chrome plated decoration , The chrome trim connects the lamp set to the logo , At night and the logo can shine . The lower air intake grille is similar to a smiling mouth , However, the modeling is too radical, which affects the overall design , In addition to the honeycomb design, the grid has a dot matrix version .

The side shape is really regular , The only bright spot may be its frameless door , You are right , The new lingdu is equipped with frameless doors , This is the first time that Volkswagen has given 15 Lower frameless door of wannei model , It is also the first frameless door model of Shanghai Volkswagen , It's really a trumpet CC or A7 Sense of being alike , In this way, with this configuration alone, consumers would grow grass many years ago . Size has also made great progress , Three high for :4784*1831*1469mm The wheelbase is 2731mm Belong to one A+ Class sedan .

At first glance, would you say this is a Volkswagen ? To tell you the truth, the tail looks too beautiful 408 了 , Especially the design of as like tail lamp is as like as two peas. , But if you look carefully, you can still see many different, such as more elaborate LED The light source , New through design , Also under the logo LAMANDO English logo . Overall, the appearance part is quite radical , It seems that the public also wants to get rid of the design of the Millennium doll , Win the market from young consumers .

In terms of interior decoration, the new lingdu also has its own innovation , No golf 8 And Mingrui Pro Doll design , It's a school of its own , It adopts the double screen design loved by Chinese people , Excellent ergonomic design , Volkswagen's most advanced touch steering wheel and new electronic gear handle are also enabled , The air outlet of the air conditioner is of through design .

In terms of power MQB evo platform , But unfortunately, like golf, the new lingdu also uses the old engine , That is to say 1.4T+7DCT The combination of , For a sports car with frameless door and car shape , Such a powertrain is really not enough , After all, only 150 Horsepower and 250 Nm torque , I hope the public can speed up the introduction of new products 1.5T Engine and launch 2.0T Of GTS models , After all, this can meet consumers' requirements for power .

summary :CC Frameless door with car running style CC It has become the most popular coupe for the public , However, the price of the new models has been mispriced and the sales volume is poor. Now the price is reduced and the sales volume is warmer , For lingdu, the price will be more sensitive , After all, the positioning is lower , If the price is 17 The starting price within 10000 yuan shall not exceed 14 ten thousand , Plus the later discount of Volkswagen , It can still compete with civic and other models .( writing / ATV Haoyang )

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