Enabling future rod and Schwartz to release radar simulator

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enabling future rod schwartz release

 [ Car home ]  From driving assistance to automatic driving , Radar has always been one of the most important sensors . For car companies , Test autopilot ( Including driving assistance system ) The quality of radar has become the top priority in the process of new car development . High tech companies from Germany ―― Rod and Schwartz (R&S) Today in Beijing, a brand new 4D Vehicle radar target simulator , This is a brand new radar test system , It can provide omni-directional support for radar testing for driving assistance system and automatic driving .

○ Why do you need a radar simulator ?

  Sensor is an important part of automatic driving . Want to achieve automatic driving , This is bound to be a comprehensive test plan for new types of sensors for automatic driving vehicles. .

Combined with German automobile industry experience and Chinese automobile standards and market test needs , Rod and Schwartz launched the new 4D Vehicle radar target simulator can be developed for vehicle radar 、 Test RF performance and functional characteristics of hardware in the loop and vehicle in the loop , In this way , It will assist parts suppliers and vehicle manufacturers , Develop high-performance automotive millimeter wave radar that can work normally in complex traffic and bad weather environment .

○ Rod and Schwartz 4D Radar target simulator

4D Radar target simulator is an instrument designed to simulate road obstacles . The whole system can simulate various driving scenarios , The advanced driving assistance system can be tested through the air port (ADAS) Radar and autopilot in China (AD) Radar in . A complete set of RTS The test system includes the host R&S AREG800A Automotive radar simulator and front end R&S QAT100 Two parts of RF antenna array .

On the simulation scene , This device can simulate from simple AEB Automatic emergency braking scene to complex traffic scene including multiple radar sensors , Greatly reduce the time cost and capital cost of radar function test , Meet the application requirements for automatic driving safety .

It is a target simulator that can generate dynamic radar echo , Can be used to include calibration tests from R & D , To be installed in the vehicle ADAS/AD All stages of vehicle radar sensor testing including hardware in the loop and vehicle in the loop testing of system functions .

Tips: :

Rohde & Schwarz (R&S) Started in Munich , It is a family high-tech company . Its business focuses on mobile communication 、 Radio Industry . China's first set VHF The ground to air aviation control communication system is provided by it , And applied to Capital International Airport , so far ,R&S The company's aviation control communication system covers all major civil airports in China .

At the end :

Simulation of real scene is a key step in the development of autopilot system. , As an automatic driving system. “ eyes ”, If its stability is guaranteed 、 Accuracy is crucial , The appearance of radar simulator greatly reduces the test time and process , This will also accelerate the arrival of automatic driving .( chart / writing Car home Leng Xiaoyang )

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