Toyota's operating profit in the second quarter reached US $9.2 billion, a record high

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toyota operating profit second quarter

8 month 4 Japan , Toyota Auto officially released its second quarter earnings . Thanks to the rebound in sales and better withstand the impact of global chip supply shortage than other competitors , Coupled with favorable exchange rate fluctuations , Toyota's operating profit hit a record high in the second quarter .

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say concretely , Toyota achieved... In the second quarter 9974.9 100 million days element ( close 91.5 Billion dollars ) The operating profit of , higher than Refinitiv investigating 10 Analysts' average estimate of 7520 Billion yen , It is also much higher than that affected by the epidemic in the same period last year 139 Billion yen . The operating profit margin is as high as 12.6%, Higher than the same period last year 0.3 percentage . Sales volume 7.94 Trillions of yen ( close 727.7 Billion dollars ), Year on year growth 72.5%. The net profit reached 8978.3 Billion yen ( close 82.3 Billion dollars ), Compared to the same period last year 1588.4 JPY billion soared year-on-year 465.2%.

Despite strong results in the second quarter , But COVID-19's epidemic continues to spread. , In addition, there are uncertainties such as chip shortage and rising parts prices , Toyota maintained its previous 5 Fiscal year made in January (2021 year 4 month 1 solstice 2022 year 3 month 31 Japan ) Operating profit is 2.5 Trillion yen forecast . Toyota's expectation is lower than Refinitiv investigating 24 Analysts' average estimate of 2.88 Trillions of yen .8 month 4 On the afternoon of Sunday , Toyota's share price fell 2%, Continued the decline in early trading , Some investors were disappointed that the company did not raise its profit expectations .

stay modern Chemical automobile , From engine maintenance to automotive safety and entertainment systems , Semiconductors are widely used in all aspects . therefore , Global chip shortage for modern cars and ford The output of competitors such as cars has been seriously affected , But Toyota was relatively less affected , Because the company has been hoarding semiconductors . According to Reuters , Toyota benefits from 2011 A business continuity plan developed after the Fukushima earthquake in , The plan requires suppliers to stock chips for two to six months from order to delivery .

But Toyota is not unscathed . The company revealed , Although its global sales rose year-on-year in the second quarter 49% to 276 Thousands of cars , However, due to the epidemic and the global chip shortage , Its global sales decreased by about 10 Thousands of cars . Toyota says , If the inventory is not so tight , Its sales should have been higher . lately , Toyota also faces production difficulties in Thailand . Due to the shortage of parts related to the epidemic , Last month, Toyota suspended car production at three manufacturing plants in Thailand .

Toyota currently expects global retail sales to reach 1055 Thousands of cars , A mild increase year-on-year 6.4%. The rebound in sales is expected to bring its revenue to 30 Trillions of yen ( close 2749.3 Billion dollars ), Operating profit increased year on year 14%, And promote a slight increase in the net profit attributable to the parent company 2.4%.

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