Nissan sold more than 800000 vehicles from January to July, with a year-on-year increase of 11.8%

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nissan sold vehicles january july

8 month 4 Japan , nissan Automobile announcement 7 Monthly sales data , COVID-19 pneumonia outbreak 、 Under the influence of external environment such as shortage of raw materials and natural disasters , Nissan Motor China includes two business segments of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles 7 Monthly sales volume is 95,783 platform , Year-on-year decline in 20.8%.1-7 The cumulative monthly sales volume is 802,133 platform , Year-on-year growth 11.8%.

In terms of business segments , Passenger car business segment , Dongfeng Nissan 7 Total sales in the month 79,328 platform , Year-on-year decline in 20.3%. among , Nissan brand 7 Monthly sales volume is 73,072 platform ; Qichen brand models 7 Monthly sales volume is 6,256 platform . Light commercial vehicle business segment ,7 Monthly sales volume is 15,364 platform , Year-on-year decline in 17.7%. among , dongfeng The sales volume of Automobile Co., Ltd 11,664 platform , Year-on-year decline in 20.2%; Zhengzhou Nissan 3,700 platform .

Specific to segment models , Car side , Seventh generation The music Parameters picture )ALTIMA Still live up to expectations ,7 Monthly sales 11,044 platform , Year-on-year growth 8.7%;1-7 Monthly cumulative sales 78,441 platform , Year-on-year growth 44.3%. Xuanyi The series has also made great achievements 40,124 The achievement of a ,1-7 Monthly cumulative sales 289,966 platform , Year-on-year growth 15.4%.

SUV aspect ,7 The total monthly sales volume is 16,927 platform ,1-7 Monthly cumulative sales 202,295 platform , Year-on-year growth 7.4%. among , qashqai 1-7 Monthly accumulated sales 90,924 platform , Year-on-year growth 24.4%; Qi jun 1-7 Monthly cumulative sales 83,066 platform , Two models promote 1-7 Dongfeng Nissan SUV The growth of .

To drive market growth ,7 month 30 Japan , New generation Qijun listed , A total of 8 models , Official guided price 18.19 Wan to 26.29 ten thousand element . As Nissan's global strategic model , Since its listing, Qijun has sold more than 650 Thousands of cars , Among them, the cumulative sales volume in the Chinese market exceeds 142 Thousands of cars . according to the understanding of , The research and development of a new generation of Qijun lasted for 5 year , Cumulative investment 190 One hundred million yuan , It is the largest in the history of production today 、 The most complex project .

According to senior vice president of Nissan President , Nissan China Management Committee chairman , Yamazaki Zhuang Ping, President of Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd (Shohei Yamazaki) Mr. revealed , Next , Nissan will also launch the first domestic car equipped with Nissan in the second half of the year e-POWER A technical model . according to the understanding of ,e-POWER Technology in 2016 First carried in Japan in NOTE e-POWER models , After listing, with strong technical advantages , stay 2018 In, it won the first prize for Nissan brand 48 The first Japanese market sales champion in years . The introduction of domestic is the second generation e-POWER, It has more lightweight components than the first generation , The size of the inverter is reduced 40%、 The weight has been reduced 33%, The torque of the motor has increased 10%. before , According to the official data of Dongfeng Nissan , To 2025 year , Introduction to the Chinese market e-POWER New models of technology will reach 6 paragraph .

nissan e-POWER( picture source : Dongfeng Nissan )

After understanding Nissan's sales in China , Let's look at Nissan's global market . According to foreign media reports ,7 month 28 Japan , Thanks to the weaker yen and higher demand in the United States and China , Nissan raised its profit forecast for this year . Chief operating officer of Nissan Ashwani Gupta Express , The company hopes to make up for the previous production and sales losses in the second half of the fiscal year , And it is expected that during this period , The shortage of chips will be alleviated .

however , Nissan CEO Uchida Cheng (Makoto Uchida) Express , For the rest of the year , Nissan's business will face uncertainty , Including the rise in the cost of raw materials . He also said he , As the supply problem has not been completely solved , The company still needs to closely monitor the global chip shortage .

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