SwRI and UTSA cooperate to invent new methods to develop low-carbon fuels

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swri utsa cooperate invent new

According to foreign media reports , Southwest Research Institute (Southwest Research Institute,SwRI) And the University of Texas at San Antonio (The University of Texas at San Antonio,UTSA) Cooperate to combine two catalytic processes into one reactor , Aimed at CO2 Carbon is recovered from to produce low-cost hydrocarbon fuels . This work is carried out by SwRI From powertrain engineering Grant Seuser Doctor and UTSA From the school of engineering Gary Jacobs Doctoral leader , Get... Together Connecting through Research Partnerships(Connect) Project 125,000 beautiful element funding .

Due to the increasing demand for energy and transport in developing countries , Expect to 2040 Greenhouse gas emissions will increase by about 17%.Seuser call :“ We lack renewable fuels and technologies to provide cleaner power generation . With the increasing number of battery powered passenger cars , Is expected in the future , aviation 、 Locomotive 、 The shipping and long-distance truck transportation industry increasingly needs high energy density hydrocarbons to meet high power demand .”

Seuser and Jacobs It is proposed to use a gas called carbon dioxide (CO2) Hydrogenation process to produce cleaner renewable liquid hydrocarbon fuels for transportation . To achieve this goal , They plan to build a single reactor that can perform two chemical processes in one step . The first chemical process is to combine hydrogen with CO2 The reaction produces carbon monoxide (CO), The second chemical process is through Fischer Tropsch synthesis (Fischer-Tropsch synthesis), take CO And hydrogen ( Syngas or mixture of syngas ) Conversion to liquid hydrocarbon fuel .

Jacobs call :“ About a century ago , Fischer Tropsch synthesis process was first invented in Germany , And is still in South Africa and Quatar And other areas , Convert coal and natural gas into liquid hydrocarbon fuel , The factory capacity ranges from tens of thousands of barrels to hundreds of thousands of barrels a day . However, there are still challenges in integrating this catalytic technology into the process of using carbon dioxide in raw materials .”

Besides ,SwRI-UTSA The process developed by the team will be able to use carbon dioxide captured in fossil fuel power plants , Otherwise, these carbon dioxide will be isolated underground or discharged into the atmosphere .Jacobs call :“ The functions of the two catalytic processes 、 Reverse water gas shift (reverse water-gas shift) And Fischer Tropsch synthesis are combined into one reactor , So as to simplify the process and improve its economic feasibility .”

This work will also explore the combination of reverse water gas shift and Fischer Tropsch success A new type of catalyst .Jacobs Will be in UTSA Create and characterize these functions , and Seuser Will be in SwRI Catalysts are used in reactors to evaluate their industrial feasibility .Seuser call :“ Reducing the complexity of converting carbon dioxide into hydrocarbon fuels will have a significant impact . To prevent the earth's temperature from rising further , Finding a way to produce low-carbon fuels and maintain the current energy infrastructure is crucial .”

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