Honda's second quarter revenue rose 69% year-on-year, and its operating profit exceeded expectations

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honda second quarter revenue rose

8 month 4 Japan , Honda Auto announced its consolidated financial results for the second quarter .

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Despite the slowing down of the spread of the COVID-19 epidemic, the global economy is still on the recovery track , However, due to travel restrictions in some countries or regions , The production activities of some Honda production bases have been affected , The main reason is that employees are restricted from going to and from work , There is a delay in the supply of parts in the supply chain , Some dealers were forced to suspend business 、 Shorten business hours 、 Or reduce inspection and maintenance services . For all that , Honda's consolidated results in the second quarter were not significantly affected .

say concretely , Honda's second quarter sales revenue reached 3.584 Trillion days element , rose 68.7%, Mainly because the sales revenue of all businesses of the company has increased ; Operating profit reaches 2432 Billion yen , More than the same period last year 3569 Billion yen , It is mainly due to the increase in sales revenue and model portfolio, resulting in an increase in profits ; Profit before tax is 3113 Billion yen , More than the same period last year 3847 Billion yen ; The net profit reached 2225 Billion yen , More than the same period last year 3033 Billion yen ; Earnings per share attributable to shareholders of the parent company 128.87 Yen , More than the same period last year 175.71 Yen .

Based on last quarter's results , Honda will (2021 year 4 month 1 solstice 2022 year 3 month 31 Japan ) The company's profit forecast is up from the previous year 18%, At present, the operating profit is expected to reach 7800 Billion yen , Higher than the company's previous 5 Monthly forecast 6600 Billion yen , Also higher than Refinitiv investigating 19 Analysts' average estimate of 7640 Billion yen . Estimated sales in 15.45 Trillions of yen , Up from the previous fiscal year 17.3%.

however , Honda forecast sales for this fiscal year from the previous year 500 Million down to 485 Thousands of cars , However, this is still better than that of the previous fiscal year 450 Thousands of cars . stay 4 to 6 During the month , Honda sold a total of around the world 998,000 car , Compared to the same period last year 792,000 Year on year growth 26%.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia and global semiconductor shortages are the main drivers of Honda's performance. .

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