Tesla Model S / X long endurance version increased by 30000 yuan each

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tesla model long endurance version

8 month 4 Japan , tesla The official website announced that ,Model S Parameters picture ) The price of long-range models has increased 3 ten thousand element , The adjusted starting price of the vehicle is 85.999 Ten thousand yuan ;Model X The price of long-range models has also increased 3 Ten thousand yuan , Sale after price adjustment 90.999 Ten thousand yuan . however , The price adjustment does not involve the high configuration of the above models Plaid edition , And Model3 and Model Y Our price remains unchanged .

actually , In the last month , tesla Model S/Model X The price of the long endurance version has increased twice in China . Last month, ,Model S The price of the long-range version is from the earlier 79.999 Ten thousand yuan , Adjusted for 82.999 Ten thousand yuan , Increase is 3 Ten thousand yuan . meanwhile ,Model X The price of the long-range version increases 3 Ten thousand yuan to 87.999 Ten thousand yuan .

The new Model S The long endurance version was launched in 1 Launched on Tesla's official website in June , The price announced at that time was 79.999 Ten thousand yuan . But here's the thing , The model has not been officially delivered yet .

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For this price adjustment , Tesla emphasizes global adjustment , Not for China . from 8 Month begins , tesla Model S / X The price of the long-range version has increased in the United States 5000 dollar , The selling prices rose to 89990 The dollar and 99990 dollar .

before , tesla CEO On twitter, musk said , Because the whole auto industry is facing supply chain pressure , Especially the pressure of raw material supply , Tesla's price will rise . He even said it , Never seen such a situation .“ Concerns about the supply chain have led every company to place too many orders , Just like the shortage of toilet paper before , But on a larger scale .”

In addition, according to Goldman Sachs' previous analysis report , The increase in demand for electric vehicle batteries will lead to a surge in the prices of major raw materials , This in turn will increase battery prices by about 18%, Affect the total profit of electric vehicle manufacturers . Because at present, batteries account for... Of the cost of electric vehicles 20% to 40% about .

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