Subaru turned loss into profit in the second quarter and is expected to lose 40000 units due to lack of core

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subaru turned loss profit second

( The original title : Subaru turned loss into profit in the second quarter , It is expected that the lack of core will lead to the loss of production in this fiscal year 4 Thousands of cars )

8 month 3 Japan , subaru Officially announce its second quarter financial results . Thanks to the recovery of the US market , The company returned to profitability in the second quarter .

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say concretely , stay 4 to 6 During the month , Subaru realized 295 100 million days element ( close 2.695 Billion dollars ) The operating profit of , Reversed the same period last year 157 Billion yen ( close 1.434 Billion dollars ) Operating loss . At the same time , Subaru's net profit returned to positive , achieve 185 Billion yen ( close 1.69 Billion dollars ), And the same period last year lost money 77 Billion yen ( close 7030 Thousands of dollars ). Revenue 6352 Billion yen ( close 58 Billion dollars ), rose 39%.

Subaru CFO Katsuyuki Mizuma When announcing the financial results, he said , Subaru will keep its previous profit forecast for this fiscal year unchanged , Part of the reason is that the global chip shortage has led to a decline in sales .

Subaru currently expects , In the current financial year (2021 year 4 month 1 solstice 2022 year 3 month 31 Japan ) sales 96 Thousands of cars . Although this target sales volume is higher than that of the same period last year 86.02 10000 vehicles have increased , But more than the company had predicted 100 The global wholesale volume of 10000 vehicles is lower .

The two quarter , Subaru's global sales, including overseas wholesale sales, soared 32% to 175,300 car , However, sales in the United States fell year-on-year 28% to 116,600 car , Sales in Europe, excluding Russia, have increased 200 car , achieve 3400 car .“ In the U.S. , As the economy recovers , Demand for cars has been very strong , Our sales have also been strong , But our inventory level is very low ,”Mizuma Say ,“ We think , If we have more stock , We could have sold more .”

Mizuma According to , Subaru's inventory in the United States has been reduced to only enough supply in the latest quarter 7 God , And in the 4 At the end of the month, I was already very nervous , Only enough to supply 18 God . But on the positive side , Supply shortages helped Subaru control costs , In the second quarter, Subaru's average incentive expenditure per vehicle decreased... Compared with the same period last year 500 USD to 1,100 dollar , This saved Subaru about... On the whole 15 Billion yen (1370 Thousands of dollars ) The cost of incentives .

Looking forward to the future , Subaru expects , As the market rebounds , Intensified competition , The annual new car incentive expenditure will increase to... Per vehicle 1,350 dollar . This price is about... Higher than the same period last year 50 dollar . About the chip shortage , Subaru expects , Sales will therefore slow down throughout the year , Therefore, the target sales volume for the whole year has been reduced by 4 Thousands of cars . however , Subaru expects , The chip crisis may be this year 10 After months, it began to ease , The performance in the second half of the year will therefore boost .

“ We expect , The shortage of chips will make the company 2021 Production decreased in the fiscal year 4 Thousands of cars ,” Mizuma Say ,“ The current situation is still uncertain , We expect the chip shortage to continue for at least the first half of the fiscal year .” Last fiscal year (2020 year 4 month 1 solstice 2021 year 3 month 31 Japan ), Subaru lost... Due to a shortage of chips 6.1 Production of 10000 vehicles .

About 2021 The fiscal year , Subaru's earnings expectations remain unchanged , That is, the operating profit will nearly double to 2000 Billion yen (18.3 Billion dollars ), Net profit nearly doubled to 1,400 Billion yen ( close 12.8 Billion dollars ). Subaru thought , Tighter cost control and more profitable sales mix , Plus a favorable exchange rate , It will help offset the impact of chip shortage .

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