Car chip dealers were filed for investigation, pointing to speculation and price chaos

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car chip dealers filed investigation

Some auto chip dealers bid up prices and were investigated by the State Administration of market supervision . In the context of regulatory punches , Chip stocks fell sharply .8 month 3 Japan ,Wind Chip stocks fell by 5.09%, The biggest one-day decline this year . among , National technology fell 14.70%, Changchuan Technology 、 China micro Corporation 、 Beijing Junzheng 、 Fuman electronics also fell more than 10%, in addition , Trillion easy innovation 、 Huachuang in the North 、 Leading stocks such as Shanghai Xinyang also suffered a drop in the limit .

Industry insiders expect ,“ Chip shortage ” Is the background of price chaos , Regulation may help straighten out the price system of auto chips , There are some differences in the relief time of out of stock in different fields . On the other hand , The lack of core and the rise in price are important to middlemen “ Double-edged sword ”.

Regulators are pointing at

Car chip dealers

8 month 3 Japan , The State Administration of Market Supervision announced that , In view of the hype in the automotive chip market 、 High prices and other prominent problems , In recent days, , The State Administration of market supervision and administration shall, according to price monitoring and reporting clues , The car chip distribution enterprises suspected of driving up prices are put on file for investigation . next step , The State Administration of market supervision will continue to pay attention to the market price order of chips and other important commodities , Further strengthen supervision and law enforcement , Strictly investigate and deal with hoarding 、 Bid up the price 、 Collusion in price increases and other illegal activities .

“ The phenomenon that car chip dealers bid up prices does exist . In the case of chip shortage , Some car companies began to hoard goods at high prices , Some of them are through Bosch 、 First tier suppliers such as mainland China take goods from chip factories , And the demand is large 、 Car companies with abundant funds will even buy chips directly . Dealers are profitable , Will cooperate with the high price shipment , Even hoarding strange things 、 Hype prices .” Auto analyst Zhang Xiang told reporters .

Zhang Xiang thinks , The investigation filed by the State Administration of market supervision is good news for the whole industry , It is conducive to standardizing the price system of automobile chips , Reduce the procurement cost of downstream parts manufacturers and vehicle manufacturers .“ Taking the advantage of ‘ Chip shortage ’ The heat of the , Some small electronic chip vendors even shoddy , Refurbish the old chip and sell it , This phenomenon needs to be severely cracked down on .”

Lack of core and rise in price

become “ Double-edged sword ”

According to the announcement issued by the State Administration of market supervision , This time, the spearhead points to the intermediate circulation link of the chip . And this area , Since the beginning of this year, there has been a high incidence of contradictions . Not only small and medium-sized manufacturers are plagued by lack of core and rising prices , Call for a boycott of malicious price increases , Some leading companies have resorted to judicial channels to seek solutions .

According to the public litigation data of the Hong Kong High Court , Anson semiconductor, a subsidiary of Wentai technology, was launched this year 6 month 21 Filed a lawsuit on , In violation of contract pricing scheme and adjustment policy, etc , Sue its distributor Zhou Ligong electronics to the Hong Kong High Court , The total amount of litigation is up to 3700 More than ten thousand dollars element . This is after suing China Electronic Equipment International Co., Ltd , The second lawsuit initiated by Anson semiconductor against the agent .

According to people close to the company , The case is currently awaiting trial .

Participate in intermediate links such as dealers “ fry ” problem ,IC The Board Secretary of a leading distribution listed company pointed out to reporters , This short-term speculation is difficult to last long ; Because once the chip price returns to normal in the future , Downstream customers will immediately replace the agents who once hoarded goods and hyped ; At least in terms of distribution ,“ Even if it's out of stock now , Our inventory will only be controlled at 1~2 Month level .”

On the whole ,“ Lack of core and rise in price ” It's a problem for distributors “ Double-edged sword ”: One side , In the context of out of stock , Downstream customers rely more on distributors , To get stronger supply chain support ; On the other hand , Due to out of stock , Downstream demand is suppressed , Cause the distributor to be in “ No goods to sell ” The position of .

“ If the chip supply is sufficient , Will sell twice as much .” As a subsidiary of Shenzhen Huaqiang , Yang Lin, chairman of Xianghai electronics, introduced , The hardest hit area of this round of shortage is in the field of Internet of things ; And from the long-term trend of the industry , Out of stock will be a long-term problem .

From the performance of listed companies ,A The performance of chip distribution businesses is generally good . As a leading company , Shenzhen Huaqiang forecast , stay 5G、 The popularization of Internet of things technology has accelerated , As well as the deepening of domestic substitution process and other factors, the prosperity of the electronic industry continues to rise , The competitive advantages of the company's various businesses have been further reflected and strengthened , In the first half of the year, the company made a profit of nearly 4 One hundred million yuan to 5 One hundred million yuan , Year-on-year growth 40%~80%.

As a passive component distributor , Shangluo electronics also said that the domestic substitution process is accelerating and other factors promote , The prosperity of the electronics industry has increased , The net profit of the company in the first half of the year will be 1.23 One hundred million yuan ~1.35 One hundred million yuan , Year-on-year growth 44.55%~58.65%.

in addition , Liyuan information realized net profit in the first half of the year 1.81 One hundred million yuan , An increase of nearly 70% year-on-year ; The net profit of Runxin technology in the first half of the year was 213 Ten thousand yuan , A year-on-year increase of 60% .

“ Chip shortage ” Speed up localization

The soil for dealers to bid up prices is “ Chip shortage ”, Its scope spreads all over the world , And spread from cars to consumer electronics 、 Medical devices and other industries .

Specific to the automotive field ,“ Chip shortage ” The reason is that car companies misjudge the sales trend .2020 At the beginning of year , Affected by the epidemic, domestic car sales have decreased significantly , Based on this, most auto companies hold conservative expectations for future sales , Then reduce the supply demand of parts . But the domestic car market is 2020 The second half of the year rebounded unexpectedly , At this time, the chip capacity has been occupied by consumer electronics . meanwhile , Car intelligence 、 The trend of networking has increased the demand for semiconductor components , Further aggravate “ Chip shortage ”.

After the chip is in an emergency , The public 、 Daimler 、 Honda nissan And other leading car companies have reduced production or even stopped production since the end of last year . according to IHS Markit forecast , The shortage of chips will lead to the largest auto market —— China cut production in the first quarter 25 Thousands of cars , Europe will cut production 10 Thousands of cars , And North America 、 Japan 、 India's car production will be affected to varying degrees .

Tesla, the global leader in new energy vehicles, is troubled by the shortage of chips . Tesla founder musk said at the recent second quarter earnings meeting , The global chip shortage will continue and be serious , For the rest of the year , Tesla's growth will depend on the slowest part of the supply chain .

“ The cars produced by foreign car enterprises are generally more electronic , More chips per car , Therefore, the impact of chip shortage on production is more direct .” Zhang Xiangcheng , Car companies have also taken a variety of measures to alleviate “ Chip shortage ” Influence , For example, the functions of some high-end models are reduced 、 Reduce the production of low profit models and adjust the production rhythm .

Automotive chips are divided into different categories according to their functions , among MCU( Micro controller ) It is the main out of stock variety .

at present , TSMC MCU One company has the largest capacity , Shipments account for about% of global shipments 70%. Under the pressure of the main engine factory , TSMC allocates production capacity , The revenue from the automobile business is 2020 It increased month on month in the fourth quarter of 63%,2021 It increased month on month in the first quarter of 2013 31% to 5.1 dollar . Based on this, Societe Generale Securities made a pre judgment, saying , It is considered that the production time cycle from TSMC wafer foundry to the final host factory is 5 About a month or so , Auto chip supply is expected to resume by the end of the second quarter of this year , The third quarter is expected to improve significantly .

in addition , Wang Ying, Secretary of Shenzhen Huaqiang, told reporters , The shortage is mainly concentrated in wafer chips , And the lowest end is the most lacking , It is conservatively estimated that it will last until the end of the year .

Lexin technology executives in the field of things networking chips said , Expected lack of core 2023 It is expected to be alleviated in .

On the other hand , Domestic science and technology enterprises also usher in opportunities in the wave of domestic chip substitution , Or it will support the supply of domestic automotive chips in the future .

Horizon, an artificial intelligence chip manufacturer, recently released its third-generation vehicle specification chip journey in Shanghai 5. The horizon indicates , Journey 5 The chip was launched this year 5 The moon streamed successfully , After passing various tests , Plan in 2022 Mass production in the second half of . At present, SAIC has 、 Great Wall motor 、 Jac group, etc 8 A domestic car company has become a journey 5 The first intended partner of the chip .

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