Chery group sold 83700 vehicles in July, a year-on-year increase of 49.6%

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chery group sold vehicles july

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Netease car 8 month 4 Reported Wednesday   chery Holding group 8 month 4 Release sales express on the th , The group 7 Sales of cars in January 83,678 car , Year-on-year growth 49.6%, Continue to show a trend of rapid growth . among , Overseas export 26,624 car , Year-on-year growth 194.8%, For the third time this year, it has set an all-time high .1-7 month , Chery group has sold cars in total 508,415 car , Year-on-year growth 74.6%.

Chery brand is based on 55,566 Monthly sales of cars , Realized 62.4% Year-on-year growth . Chery continues to push forward “ Big item strategy ”, Concentrate advantageous resources to create popular products in market segments , To form the “ Tiggo or dingle 8 Parameters picture )” Series and “ Ariza 5” Series of two combination fists .7 month , The first Chery brand is equipped with Kunpeng power 2.0TGDI The model of the engine —— Tiggo or dingle 8 The Kunpeng version is on the global market , Further enriches “ Being in charge of Huadan ” Tiggo or dingle 8 Series of products , Boost sales .

 Chery tiggo or dingle 8 Kunpeng version of the global launch conference site Chery tiggo or dingle 8 Kunpeng version of the global launch conference site

Just at 7 The brand upgrade was completed in January 、 Become an independent brand of the group Rapid way automobile , Single month sales 15,745 car , Year-on-year growth 92.76%. Depending on the Rapid way X70 The department and the Rapid way X90 It is two star product series , Jietu brand maintains a high growth trend , from 2018 year 8 Since the first product was launched in January , The cumulative sales volume is close to 40 Thousands of cars .

Chery high-end brand “ The way ” stay 7 In January, it delivered a year-on-year increase 130.3% The report card . The main model Xingtu The moon success Complete the world's first dual vehicle opposite 128 km / Hour crash test , Won the “ Full marks ” achievement .

 The stars and the moon “ Full marks ” Complete the world's first dual vehicle opposite 128 km / Hour crash test Xingtu range moon completed the world's first dual vehicle opposite 128 km / Hour crash test

Kaiyi automobile targeting the younger generation of consumer groups , Also in the 7 In January, it launched a product positioned at compact SUV Kay wing Dazzle the world Pro.1-7 month , Kaiyi automobile sales 10,683 car , Realized 3.9% The steady growth of .

Joint venture brand “ Chery Jaguar Land Rover ” 1-7 Month to 31,986 Sales report card of vehicles , Realized 11.3% Year-on-year growth .

As Chery's products in overseas markets accelerate iteration , The main models continue to sell well , Export has become a new growth pole of the group's sales . Following 4 Exports in January 2.2 Thousands of cars 、6 Exports in January 2.4 Ten thousand cars refresh Chery one after another “ Sea ”20 After years of single month export records ,7 month , Chery group exports in a single month 2.7 A new high of 10000 , Refresh history for the third time .1-7 month , Chery group has exported cars in total 145,367 car , growth 172.9%, The total export volume of the whole year is expected to reach 30 Thousands of cars , continuity 19 In, it will maintain the first export of Chinese brand passenger cars .

 Chery group 7 In sales 8.37 Thousands of cars Year on year growth 49.6%

In the highly competitive new energy market , Chery group's new energy products 7 Sales in January 7255 car , Year-on-year growth 107.2%.1-7 month , Chery group's cumulative sales of new energy products 47656 car , Year-on-year growth 212.5%. among , Classic models “ Little ant ” list 4 year 、 Cumulative sales have broken through 20 Thousands of cars .

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