Indian auto parts industry: Tesla plant should benefit local companies

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The Indian government has repeatedly sent tesla Throw out the olive branch , I hope this electric vehicle giant can build a factory in India , So as to promote the development of its automobile manufacturing industry . Regarding this , Indian auto parts industry organization said , Tesla's local production in India should benefit suppliers in that country .

Automotive Parts Manufacturers Association of India (ACMA) President Deepak Jain Tuesday said , The organization welcomes overseas car companies to enter the Indian market , As long as it can bring benefits and promote localization , So as to provide opportunities for the vigorous development of auto parts industry .

Some industry executives believe that , India lacks electric motors 、 Supply chain of key components of electric vehicles such as lithium batteries , At least in the short term, we need to rely on imports .

Jain call ,ACMA Negotiations are under way with the Indian government , To determine the parts of electric vehicles that can be produced locally , But he also warned that , Over the past two years , India's electric vehicle market sales remain sluggish , It may be difficult for enterprises to make large-scale investment .

tesla CEO Elon · musk 7 Moon once said , If Tesla can achieve success in the Indian imported car market success , Then it is likely to build a factory locally . before , Tesla has tried to lobby the Indian government to reduce auto import tariffs .

It is reported that , Musk's appeal has caused a rare public debate in the Indian auto industry , The difference between the two sides lies in , Will reducing the tax rate on car imports hurt India's domestic manufacturing industry .

Over the years , High automobile import tariffs have always been a barrier for major automobile enterprises to enter the Indian market Land rover , Indian Prime Minister modi cited the protection of local manufacturing as an excuse , Tariff thresholds have been set in many industries . The Indian market is currently 4 Wanmei element The following automobile import tax rate is 60%,4 The car tax rate of more than $10000 is as high as 100%.

For Musk's appeal , The Indian government recently said , There are no plans to reduce import tariffs on electric vehicles . Besides Tesla , German car company Mercedes - Mercedes Benz and Hyundai, a South Korean car company, also want India to reduce tariffs , Vice president of sales and marketing, Mercedes India Santosh Iyer Express , To give carmakers confidence , If India lowers the tariff threshold , Companies such as Mercedes can test the market , Choose to produce electric vehicles locally .

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