Tesla returns to tradition and plans to reduce the number of supermarkets experience stores in first tier cities

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tesla returns tradition plans reduce

When other car companies follow suit tesla When the supermarket opened a store to sell cars , Tesla has quietly changed the channel model , Began to return to the traditional car prices 4S Store mode .

The first financial reporter learned exclusively , Tesla intends to reduce the number of people City Number of supermarkets experience stores , Instead, build more traditional cars in the traditional automobile business district 4S Outlets in store form , To improve the ability of exhibition and after-sales service .

“ The venues Tesla is looking for are concentrated near the traditional automobile business district , Many investors from traditional car dealers have been found to negotiate , Want to rent their space , Building ‘ Front store and back factory ’ The outlet of . The front showroom can experience and sell , The back yard is used for maintenance .” An informed source said .

It is worth noting that , Although the shape is similar to a traditional car 4S shop , But Tesla still adopts the direct marketing mode , That is, there is no intermediate agent link , The new outlets are directly managed by Tesla . Besides , These outlets have no construction delivery function , Take Shanghai as an example , Delivery 、 Finance 、 Licensing 、 The owner training is still concentrated in the delivery center of Waigaoqiao .

The people familiar with the matter said , Tesla intends to put Shanghai 19 Experience store reduced to 10 about , Reduce the number of experience stores by about half . As for why not build more delivery centers , Because centralized delivery can reduce costs , It is also convenient for the management of service process and quality .

Tesla is the pioneer of auto direct marketing model , The sales and after-sales service of traditional automobile companies are entrusted to agents , With 4S The form of the store provides a collection display 、 sales 、 Delivery and after-sales service . Tesla showed 、 sales 、 Split delivery and after-sales functions , Build experience stores in the city 、 Experience Center 、 Delivery center and after-sales center , Achieve greater user reach and sales scale through the high traffic of Shangchao .

However, with the improvement of brand awareness and the expansion of sales volume , Tesla began to adjust its strategy .

“ There are several reasons , First, Tesla's brand is now well-known , No longer need the high traffic of Shangchao to reach users . At the same time, it can also reduce the cost , Shangchao is too expensive , For example, the daily rent of supermarkets in Xujiahui district of Shanghai should reach 20 many element / Square meters , but 4S The store only costs a few yuan per square meter every day . Second, with the increase of sales volume , Tesla's after-sales service ability can't keep up , We need to build more after-sales centers to maintain this system . Since the after-sales center is built , In fact, it is also very convenient to display and sell a few cars in the front venue .” The people familiar with the matter said , In accordance with the plan , Tesla plans to build... In each district of Shanghai 1~2 One is similar to 4S Store outlets .

It is worth mentioning that , Tesla is gradually reducing the number of supermarket experience stores , The smart electric vehicle brands created by the new forces of Chinese car making and other traditional car enterprises are still actively seizing the stores of supermarkets , And actively choose new car making brands with Tesla and other heads “ Be a neighbor ”.

This has also led to a rise in store rentals of some supermarkets . According to domestic media , Xiao peng car be located Beijing Sanlitun is near 500 Square meters of flagship Experience Center , The annual rent is 1000 Ten thousand yuan or so . Weilai automobile is located in Wangfujing, Beijing , Exhibition area 3000 The annual rent of Weilai center of square meters is as high as 7000 ten thousand ~8000 Ten thousand yuan .

“ Originally, the venue of Shangchao was mainly rented to catering 、 Clothing and other highly competitive industries , The rent is not high , A large number of car companies come in with hot money , Raise the rent of supermarkets .” A person inside Tesla China told reporters .

The person also said , Tesla sometimes chooses the wrong store address , But other brands will still follow suit , It costs more than Tesla ,“ I don't think they understand the internal logic of location , But follow the trend to imitate , Think Tesla is right .”

“ New retail is not equal to entering business super , Opening stores in supermarkets is a phased performance . New brands lack brand precipitation and popularity , In terms of channel strategy, choose to use the store to find people , Build the store in a place with a large flow of people . When a new brand is well known , It will come out of the mall , Return to the auto business district , Build a comprehensive service center , Finish from ‘ Looking for someone in the shop ’ To ‘ People look for shops ’ The transformation of , Tesla is doing this .” The marketing director of a new energy vehicle enterprise in China told reporters .

He thinks that , Tesla will adopt different strategies in different levels of markets across the country , For example, in the third and fourth tier cities that continue to sink , Tesla's first choice is still Shangchao , This will be a dynamic process .

meanwhile , Although many car companies compete to imitate the direct sales model , But there are still many controversial voices in the industry . A marketing executive of a joint venture car enterprise told reporters , The advantage of direct mode is high traffic 、 Brand promotion effect and direct contact with users , The disadvantage is that there is no mature channel network to digest inventory , Unable to accurately estimate market sales , The risk cannot be shared , He believes that in a few years, the channel model of automobile companies will appear 4S Store model “ Circumfluence tide ”.

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