Auto chips become "speculation" and the market supervision administration of the hardest hit areas took action to rectify them

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auto chips speculation market supervision

8 month 3 At noon , The State Administration of Market Supervision issued a notice saying , In view of the hype in the automotive chip market 、 High prices and other prominent problems , In recent days, , The State Administration of market supervision and administration shall, according to price monitoring and reporting clues , The car chip distribution enterprises suspected of driving up prices are put on file for investigation .

Affected by the news , Car chip afternoon diving , Zhaoyi innovation flash collapse limit , Shi Lan Wei 、 Fuman electronics and other stocks fell .

Since last year , The shortage of chips and the rising price tide are becoming more and more intense . First financial reporter learned , In order to earn a high price difference, some chip agents choose to hoard goods or even fry goods to make profits .

“ People who fry chips have earned back ten years' money in the past six months .” The person in charge of a domestic electronic supply chain company told the first financial reporter , There are many disturbing factors in the current market , Because the effect of making money is fast , Many do trade 、 Logistics people come to fry chips , Pry hundreds of millions of plates with tens of millions of costs .

The market regulator said , In the next step, we will continue to pay attention to the market price order of chips and other important commodities , Further strengthen supervision and law enforcement , Strictly investigate and deal with hoarding 、 Bid up the price 、 Collusion in price increases and other illegal activities .

Several agents have been sued by manufacturers

Under capacity imbalance , The tide of global chip shortage has gradually shifted from wafer foundry 、 Some links such as sealing and testing spread to the whole industrial chain , It's about cars 、 mobile phone 、 Notebook computers have even spread to many consumer fields such as smart appliances .

since this year on , The price of all kinds of chips has gone up , Among them, automobile chip has become “ Heavy disaster area ”.

“ Some Chinese enterprises are taking the highest position in the global market 20 Times the price difference to buy chips , This is the real environment now .” A former person in charge of Samsung electric told the first financial reporter not long ago .

Some special micro control voucher making element (MCU) The price of , Last year for every 8 dollar , But at present, it has soared to 50 dollar , It was last year. 6 More than times . In the eyes of insiders , because ( Security ) Inventory has bottomed out , So at present, even if the purchase price is ignored 、 Keep placing orders , Nor can we ensure the required quantity .“ Universal MCU There are many cases when it rises from a few cents to a few dollars , The current market is generally rising prices 8 To 10 times , Everyone is under a lot of pressure .”

In addition to supply and demand , Agent's “ fry ” Behavior has also exacerbated the rising price of chips , But as an original chip manufacturer, it also began to act .

Fang Jing, chief analyst of electronics industry at Cinda securities, said , According to the research of Xinda electronic industry chain , In the near future NXP( NXP ) I took the initiative to investigate ZLG And other well-known agents , and AS( An Shi ) Semiconductors are also interested in ZLG、ZDQC Wait for the agent to file a lawsuit .

“ Traders' profits from speculation , It will not divide the original factory into . So crack down on intermediate links such as traders , Not only does it have no impact on the original factory , You can also sort out its downstream channels . Before the national team takes action , Many excellent original factories also crack down on speculation , All prohibited .” Fang Jing said .

According to the public litigation data of the Hong Kong High Court , Anson semiconductor was launched this year 6 month 21 Filed a lawsuit on , Sue its distributor Zhou Ligong electronics to the Hong Kong High Court . This is Jizhong electric equipment ( China Electronic Equipment International Co., Ltd ) after , The second lawsuit initiated by Anse against the agent .

In the claim , Anse said , Zhou Ligong electronics violated both parties' agreement on 2018 year 7 Distributor agreement signed in January and signed by both parties from 2018 year 1 Month to 2020 year 12 month 31 A number of agreements reached on , Including the defendant's violation of audit rights , And violation of contract pricing scheme and adjustment policy , The total amount of litigation is up to 3700 More than $ , Renminbi over 2 One hundred million yuan .

Zhou Ligong was once the largest local agent of Anse semiconductor in China . At present, anser has three main agents in China , They are Runxin Technology (300493, Stock bar )、 Meritorious Technology 、 XinHeDa Electronics .

“ Frying chips has become a business .” The person in charge of the above electronic supply chain company told reporters ,“ Take a look at the market , It's hard to say whether demand has increased , However, there are many cases of market price increase due to lack of delivery , These people don't stock up , But selling at a high price , Three to five times the original price is already the price of conscience .”

The gap in automotive chips is still widening

The news of the rectification by the State Administration of supervision and administration of the people's Republic of China made the stock price of auto chip related concept stocks sharply callback .

As of press time , Beijing Junzheng (300223, Stock bar )、 Xinjieneng 、 Leon fell slightly , China Resources micro 、 Broadcom Integration (603068, Stock bar )、 Jing fang technology (603005, Stock bar ) Isochronism 20 Shares fell more than 5%.

Cinda electronics believes that , The State Administration of Market Supervision announced that it would file an investigation into the automobile chip distribution enterprises suspected of driving up prices , Trigger fluctuations in the automotive semiconductor sector . But this survey is actually good for the industry . Some traders hoard strange things , Maliciously squeeze small downstream manufacturers , Cause widespread dissatisfaction in the industry . This investigation can correct the source , Help the long-term development of the industry .

“ The General Administration of market supervision personally participated in the investigation of speculation , It will form a joint force with excellent original factories , Realize the optimization of channels , Benefit the long-term development of the industry .” Fang Jing told reporters , Not just car chips , other ( Chip agent ) And shudder .

However, the negative impact of the chip gap on the automotive industry is still expanding .

jaguar Land rover Recently expressed , The shortage of chips could halve its production in the third quarter . Volkswagen Group said , The impact of the third quarter may “ More obviously ”, Because it lowered its annual production forecast by about 45 Thousands of cars .

According to consulting firm iResearch platinum (AlixPartners) Latest forecast , The global “ Core missing ” Will lead to 2021 Automakers lost revenue in 1100 Billion dollars ( renminbi 7145 One hundred million yuan ). meanwhile ,2021 The total net car production in will decrease 390 Thousands of cars .

“ At present , Among all kinds of chips in China ,MCU( Micro control unit ) Chips are most in short supply , At home MCU Chip companies are the weakest . Up to now , China's semiconductor self-sufficiency rate is 15%, among , The self-sufficiency rate of automobile chips is insufficient 5%.” stay 2021 China auto forum , Chief engineer of China Automobile Industry Association 、 Deputy Secretary General Ye Shengji said .

The first financial reporter learned from the industrial chain earlier , As the main component of automobile chip , The delivery cycle of some products of power semiconductor chips has been close to one and a half years .

IC The data of distribution platform, MAOZe electronics and other websites show , Anshi semiconductor MOSFET In the device , Already included MOSFET、GaNFET、 power MOSFET Such as, 144 This product is out of stock , The lead time of out of stock products has reached 69 Zhou , The price of the product has increased from 6% To 37% Unequal .

among ,PSMN1R4-40YLDX device , The unit price of one thousand pieces has been determined by 6.2715 element / Pieces rose to 8.6445 element / Pieces of , More than 37%.PSMN1R0-40YSHX The device consists of 11.4243 element / Pieces rose to 15.2776 element / Pieces of , More than 33%, The purchase price of other devices is also increasing 6%~21% Unequal .

According to Roland Berger , The chip out of stock rate of China's automobile industry is expected to be 15%~20%, According to the previous sales forecast of Chinese cars ,( This year, ) Will lead to 300 ten thousand ~400 A reduction in the production of 10000 cars . Plus the global production reduction disclosed by Ford and other companies , It is expected that the actual production reduction worldwide is much higher than 390 Thousands of cars .

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