Bentler introduced the innovative b-pillar-free door concept, which is lighter and safer

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bentler introduced innovative b-pillar-free pillar

According to foreign media reports , German metalworking company bentler (Benteler) Developed without B The new door concept of the pillar . Compared to existing solutions on the market , This production ready product is lighter , It has higher safety and material properties , Not only makes travel lighter 、 More secure 、 More sustainable , And it is more convenient for passengers to get in and out of the vehicle .

( picture source : Bentler company )

Driven by the general trend of electrification and automatic driving , The development departments of automobile manufacturers pay more and more attention to the different structures inside the automobile . Bentler senior structural systems R & D Manager Christian Hielscher Express :“ We developed an integrated solution , It can meet the requirements of various dynamic collisions and static loads . meanwhile , It has made a great contribution to the lightweight structure .”

In addition to the advantages of materials , Bentler also provides expertise in metal processing . The lightweight solution has been crash tested , Its know-how through the use of key aluminum alloys , Enhance the protection of passengers and the environment . Head of lightweight technology R & D team Jorn Tolle Doctor said :“ For environmental recycling of cars , The aluminum used has made a positive contribution . for example , When we produce structural parts , By using a single brand of aluminum alloy , Ensure that the door can be recycled as an equivalent product at the end of the vehicle life cycle .” This solution not only saves resources and development time , It also helps to reduce weight , Realization CO2 Carbon emission reduction , This is of great significance .

The purpose of developing this concept and structure is , take B The pillar function is integrated into the door structure , Meet all collision and static requirements at the same time . This is to find the lightest solution , This is the starting point for virtual development of collision structures . Bentler engineers used the EU funded Alive The whole vehicle model of the project . Bentler motors (Benteler Automotive) from 2012 - 2016 Participated in this activity in , Its purpose is based on Advanced Metals and mixed materials , Develop key technologies of lightweight vehicle structure , For future electric vehicles .

According to introducing , This innovative door concept is based on AlSiMg Alloy aluminum structure , Good performance under all load conditions , Can meet or even exceed ALIVE Project reference vehicle requirements . This shows that body optimization is particularly important , Especially in terms of torsional stiffness and roof extrusion , And the side impact of door structure . Besides , This result is achieved with little vehicle weight gain , Compared with a few current mass production solutions , It's huge success .

Vehicle manufacturers and engineering service providers will benefit from this pre developed crash structure . take B New structure for integration of columns into doors , Create more space inside the car . Besides , This structure can easily realize mass production .

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