Lei Jun: the Xiaomi automobile project is still in its early stage and will be reported when there is progress

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lei jun xiaomi automobile project

8 month 3 Japan , Lei Jun, chairman of Xiaomi group, said on Weibo that , Will be in 8 month 10 Japan ( Next Tuesday ) Hold an annual speech in the evening . meanwhile , Lei Jun also responded to some questions about the annual speech , When it comes to the new news about cars , Lei Jun said : We are making great efforts to promote the automobile project . It's still at a very early stage , When there is significant progress , Report to you again .

in fact , Since this year, 3 At the end of this month, after officially joining the bureau to build cars , Xiaomi from OEM object to project City Site Selection , Outgoing “ gossip ” One by one , But they are all used “ Subject to official information ” This reason dismissed . today , Xiaomi makes a car like a “ mystery ”, And the reason for this puzzle , On the one hand, it may indeed be as Lei Jun said , It's still in a very early stage , No very definite information has been released ; On the other hand, it also reflects Lei Jun's cautious decision on the next car building , As it says “ I know what it means for me to make this decision , I'm willing to bet all my accumulated achievements and reputation in my life , Fight for Xiaomi .”

It seems , The millet “ The mystery of car making ”, Everything needs to be officially unlocked , And this annual speech , I wonder if Lei Jun will disclose some significant progress .

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