Who is more "plus" rx5 plus than cs75 plus

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[ Car home models PK roewe RX5( Parameters | inquiry ) And Chang'an CS75 They are all Chinese brands SUV Representative models in , Now two cars have been launched “PLUS” edition , Level of appearance 、 Space 、 The performance and configuration are all improved , Today, let's take a look at these two mainstream compact models of Chinese brands SUV Is it worth buying .

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RX5 PLUS Official guided price 9-98-13.98 Ten thousand yuan , The whole department offers 1.5T The engine , This time we chose the second top configuration 330TGI Automatic national tide Zhizhen Edition , Official guided price 13.08 Ten thousand yuan .CS75 PLUS Yes 1.5T and 2.0T Models are optional , Official guided price 10.69-15.49 Ten thousand yuan , This time we chose 1.5T The top is equipped with automatic noble type for comparison , Official guided price 13.19 Ten thousand yuan . The prices of the two cars are very close , Positioning also has a high degree of overlap .

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In appearance, both cars are designed with outstanding sports style , roewe RX5 PLUS This theme is emphasized by larger grille and carbon fiber style trim panels , The whole car also uses bright black trim panels , It is also equipped with matrix LED Headlights and double-layer sound insulation glass .CS75 PLUS A gun grey chrome trim was used to decorate the vehicle , And through the red trim panel to enhance its movement characteristics , There are also double fin tail lights and other parts , Head up CS75 PLUS At wheelbase 、 There are certain advantages in width and length ,RX5 PLUS It has advantages in body height .

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