Focus on urban lightning exchange and cooperation with Aodong new energy

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focus urban lightning exchange cooperation

[ Car home information ]  recently , Flash and Aodong new energy jointly signed a strategic cooperation agreement . According to the agreement , Flash and Olympic Games will be nationwide , Urban power exchange service network based on Olympic Games , Cooperate to promote the commercial application of power exchange in the commercial logistics scenario , Include as “ Flash ” Provide power change service support 、 Joint development with vehicle enterprises, including two wheeled and light four wheeled tram models .

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Flash to focus on the same city 1 Hour instant delivery service field , It has been opened all over the country 229 Cities , Assemble 100 Multi million courier , It has served 100 million users in total + Person time . With the conclusion of this strategic cooperation with Olympic movement , Both parties will discuss the commercial application of power exchange in the field of instant delivery , Jointly carry out more business model discussions .

At present, Aodong has built the world's largest urban smart power exchange service network , It can be used for multi brand models to share high-speed power exchange . future 5 year , The Olympic movement will continue to expand rapidly throughout the country , Built 10000 Tower in power station .

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At present , Commercial vehicle power exchange has entered a stage of rapid development , Especially in the business application scenario of instant delivery , Whether it's a light four wheeled vehicle or a two wheeled vehicle , Both have shown great market application prospects and business potential . With the increase of electric vehicle market penetration , Battery safety 、 Energy replenishment efficiency has been paid more and more attention by users , As the optimal solution for efficient and safe energy supplement of electric vehicles , It is rapidly entering the vision of more business scene participants , It is bound to usher in great development opportunities .( Image & Text / Austrian new energy , compile / Car home Xing Yueyang )

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