Capacity 18gwh vision power Japan built super battery factory

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capacity 18gwh gwh vision power

[ Car home   information ]  In recent days, , Power battery company of vision technology group (Envision AESC) Announced that a new super battery factory will be built in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan . The plant is the second battery plant built by vision power in Japan , Planning capacity 18GWh, After being put into operation, it can be 30 Ten thousand electric vehicles provide a new generation of power battery products , The phase I plant will be completed in 2024 Mass production started in .

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It is reported that , Ibaraki battery factory will not only become the largest single power battery factory in Japan , It will also be Japan's first digital 、 Low carbon power battery factory . The plant will utilize Vision Technology Group's full life cycle zero carbon solution , Accelerate the transformation of electrification in Japan , Realization 2050 Zero carbon emission target .

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at present , Vision power has been in France 、 The British 、 The United States 、 Japan 、 China has built a power battery factory , And promise to achieve carbon neutrality in the plant .6 month 28 Japan , Vision power has reached strategic cooperation with Renault , Renault provides... To vision 5 year 40GWh to 120GWh Power battery order .7 month 1 Japan , Vision power and Nissan jointly announced , Vision power will provide power battery for Nissan's next generation electric vehicle platform , And will build Britain's first power battery super factory in Sunderland . The super factory goes to 2030 The annual capacity will reach 25GWh, And have the ability to realize 35GWh Capacity expansion potential .( writing / Car home Guo Chen )

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