Mid 2021 inventory: what is the battle situation of mainstream overseas brands?

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inventory battle situation mainstream overseas

[ Car home information ]  2021 The first half of the year has passed , With the release of sales volume of major automobile enterprises in the first half of the year , Today we'll take you to take a comprehensive look at 2021 Sales of overseas mainstream brands in China's automobile consumer market . I believe that at this point , You must have guessed who the defending champion is , There is no doubt that Volkswagen brands continue to dominate the Chinese market , And after the public , The three heroes of the Japanese system camp step by step , Successfully surpassed the American and Korean car companies . In a competitive market , What undercurrents are surging , Car house in this issue 《2021 Mid year inventory 》 The series presents you with the competition drama of mainstream brands outside Shanghai in the first half of the year .

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The mid year inventory of Chinese brands has been launched :《2021 Mid year inventory : China's leading car enterprises break through upward 》

The mid year inventory of luxury brands has been launched :《2021 Mid year inventory : Luxury brand market pattern analysis 》

■ Before and after the enemy , The performance of mainstream overseas brand market in the first half of the year :

Everyone who has seen the performance of Chinese brands and luxury brands , Must be more looking forward to the mainstream overseas brand market , end 2021 year 6 month , The sales volume of mainstream overseas brands in the Chinese market 4696833 car , Year-on-year growth 19.89%, Behind the same relatively high growth , It's actually 2020 The results after the impact of the epidemic in the first half of the year , From the perspective of overall car market growth , In fact, the year-on-year growth of mainstream overseas brands , Did not outperform the whole Chinese car market in the first half of the year 32.79%.

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From another set of data , We can see more clues ,2021 In, the overall market share of mainstream overseas brands in China was 44.73%, It still accounts for nearly half of China's auto market , But this number is 2020 Years are 49.32%, in other words , Mainstream overseas brands were swallowed up in a year 4.59% Market share of , And this part of the market share is robbed by Chinese brands 3.51%, At the same time, it was also robbed by luxury brands 1.08%, It's a real front and rear enemy .

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■ In which market segments are mainstream overseas brands more competitive

Let's break it down into 15 market segments to analyze , In terms of sales volume alone , The top five are compact cars 、 Compact type SUV、 Medium car 、 medium SUV And small SUV, among 2021 In the first half of, mainstream overseas brands sold in the compact car market 1889587 car , The market share is as high as 69.55%, It can be said that at present, China's compact car market , Mainstream overseas brands are absolute overlords , There is no shortage of people 、 Toyota and Nissan's ace products .

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If you only look at the market share ,2021 In the first half of the year, the market share of mainstream overseas brands in the small car market reached 88.87%, Become the most popular level , Of course, few luxury brands and Chinese brands enter this level , At the same time, it is accompanied by strict Collision Regulations and emissions , The small car market is due to cost and market demand , Shrinking .

besides , Mainstream overseas brands are still large and medium-sized MPV、 medium MPV、 Medium and small cars SUV The market share is relatively high , among MPV market , Whether it's GL8( Parameters | inquiry )、 Odyssey or Alison , All are MPV Star products in the market , At the same time, with Toyota Saina in the second half of the year 、 Market entry of Kia Jiahua and Hyundai kustu , Market share is likely to continue to increase . Although the proportion of medium-sized vehicles reaches 55.90%, But this is also the most competitive market between luxury brands and mainstream overseas brands , Among them, BMW 3 The Department has won the monthly sales crown of this level for many times , So maiteng 、 passat 、 camry 、 The accord 、 Teana and other products are facing unprecedented pressure .

■ 2021 The best selling mainstream overseas brands in the first half of

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After reading the market segments , Let's make a clearer analysis through the single car sales dimension ,2021 In the first half of the year, the mainstream overseas brand model with the best sales in the Chinese market was Xuanyi ,237151 Results of , Defeated the old rival Langyi , Year on year growth has also reached 16.85%. It can be said that Xuanyi's reputation is quite loud in the compact car market , And the current situation of two generations selling together , Also for this product to undertake a larger market space .

 Dongfeng Nissan Xuanyi 2021 paragraph 1.6L TOP CVT Luxury Edition

Compact car sales champion in half a year ―― Xuanyi

by comparison , Langyi although with 219325 The car was defeated by Xuanyi , but 35.84% Year-on-year growth , It's still very pleasant , At the same time, it is also with Xuanyi 2021 Only two of the annual sales exceed 20 Million models sold ( Note that among all brand products ), It's really a glorious defeat . Of course , Volkswagen's layout in the compact car market is not just Langyi , Bora in the back 、 Soar team 、 Together, Santana has made Volkswagen in the compact car market , And even the solid foundation of China's mainstream overseas market .

 Faw Toyota corolla 2021 paragraph TNGA 1.5L CVT Pioneer edition

『 Already this year 55 Year old Carola 』

The third is Toyota veteran Carola , After replacement , Carola's reputation remains at a high level , With the growth of hybrid models , It continues to sell well in the compact car market , Although the growth in the first half of this year is not high , have only 9.77%, But it still exceeds sales 166822 FAW in the car - Volkswagen Bora . meanwhile , We also need to pay attention to his sister leiling ,120347 Sales of cars , In eighth place , Although it is a product of GAC Toyota , But if you consider the Toyota brand , Both have really contributed a lot to Toyota's growth in China .

 Dongfeng Honda Honda CR-V 2021 paragraph 240TURBO CVT 4WD Black Jazz

『2021 Compact in the first half of the year SUV champion ―― Honda CR-V』

 Shanghai Volkswagen View of path L 2022 paragraph 380TSI Automatic 4WD R-Line Flagship Edition 7 seat

『2021 In the first half of the year SUV champion ―― View of path L』

besides , Buick yinglang, which has replaced its new engine, has ushered in 56.06% Year-on-year growth ,162174 The sales volume of has been very close to Bora , Maybe the second half of the year will be beyond . And in the top 10 , Dongfeng Honda CR-V And SAIC Volkswagen Tiguan L Become the only two in the list SUV product , so SUV The strength of product rise , Although it can not affect the modeling of the main sales models in a short time , but SUV Promotion of overall vehicle ranking , We can see it in the list .

Finally, we take the mainstream overseas brands as the dimension , Let's take a look at their comprehensive performance in the Chinese market . Volkswagen continues to win the first place in this level ,1304206 Car sales and 27.95% Year-on-year growth , Still keep it invincible . The three Japanese heroes followed , But we can see , Honda relies on 36.71% Year-on-year growth , So that the sales volume in the first half of this year has approached Toyota , The two are likely to turn in the competition in the second half of the year .

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Buick brand is based on 455919 The sales volume of cars is firmly in the fifth place , At the same time, the above five are also 2021 The first echelon of mainstream overseas brands in , The sales volume of the back players can't compare with that of the front players 5 Against the name of , And there is no brilliant achievement in year-on-year growth , If we compare horizontally , Some of them are not even as good as Chinese brands , This also shows that the two-level differentiation of the mainstream overseas brand market is becoming more and more obvious , As Chinese brands and luxury brands gradually erode the market , Some brands at the end may have a more severe situation than this year .

Now let's talk about the top three overseas brands !

■ Volkswagen  

2021 In the first half of , The public 、 Toyota and Honda are expected to win the top three sales of overseas brands . Among them, the Volkswagen brand works together with the north and South Volkswagen and the imported Volkswagen , Sales in the first half of the year 1304206 A new car , Year-on-year growth 27.95%, Occupy... In the overall passenger car market 12.36% Market share , It is also the only car enterprise with more than one million overseas brands .

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The following is the sales ranking of Volkswagen models , It can be seen that Volkswagen is in compact cars 、 Medium car 、 medium SUV、 Compact type SUV And other market segments have performed very well , Balanced development in all aspects .

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The specific term , The Langyi of SAIC Volkswagen is the of the whole Volkswagen system TOP, Sales in the first half of the year 219325 car , Year-on-year increase 35.84%, Won the second place in the sales of compact cars for half a year . As Langyi's sister car , faw - Volkswagen Bora also performed very well , Sales in the first half of the year 166822 car , Year-on-year increase 38.09%; Positioning a higher compact product FAW - Volkswagen Sagitar sales 148785 car , Year-on-year increase 31.03%. This is a “ Compact sedan three swordsman ” Efforts to make Volkswagen's market share in compact cars as high as 25.8%, You can always trust Volkswagen cars .

 Shanghai Volkswagen lavida 2021 paragraph 280TSI DSG Comfortable edition

Second place in sales of compact cars in half a year ―― lavida

People always sell SUV, View of path L This car evergreen sold in the first half of the year 96237 car , Year-on-year increase 37.21%, Won the car market SUV champion . meanwhile , Explore the mountain 、 Road yue 、 Exploration song, etc SUV And I did well , It's awesome , Sales in the first half of the year 31640 car , Get medium and large SUV Sales champion .

2021 In the first half of the year, the road traveled by the public was quite dramatic , It is deeply trapped in the unfortunate event of lack of core , The new electric car ID.6 and ID.4 Brothers are not doing well in sales , The fate of dis has also become a talk in the industry . But there's no denying it , Volkswagen's car can still play , lavida 、 View of path L、 Bora and other veterans performed well , New golf GTI、 Take over the territory , Tu'ang and tu'ang in the medium term X、 The new Passat , As well as the imported medium-term modified Weilan and other new models in the first half of the year have made the public fans climax ; meanwhile , Its cooperation with GuoXuan high tech has also gradually deepened , Let's see the public's persistence and efforts in the field of new energy . As the saying goes, it is easier to fight than to defend , The public is already TOP Location for many years , Maintaining growth is not easy .

 Shanghai Volkswagen passat 2022 paragraph 330TSI Deluxe edition

『 Medium-sized car evergreen ―― New Passat 』

In the second half of the year, SAIC Volkswagen has more new products , Such as the new Passat mentioned above , And the new Tiguan X、ID.3 And other models are worth looking forward to , Of course, there is a new generation of lingdu that has caused a lot of controversy . We also hope that the future of the public will be better and better , At the same time, we also look forward to the performance of Volkswagen in the second half of the year .

■ Toyota motor corp.

Although not as popular “ Million sales in half a year ”, But Toyota's performance remains stable , Toyota achieved sales in the first half of the year 787798 The good result of a new car ,17.16% The year-on-year growth rate is also very good .

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The following figure is the sales ranking of Toyota models , Corolla sales of FAW Toyota 167930 car , Year-on-year increase 9.77%, Its sister car leiling sells 120347 car , Year-on-year increase 23.52%, These two cars ranked third and seventh in compact car sales in the first half of the year respectively . meanwhile , camry 、 More advanced products such as Asian dragon also performed very well .

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SUV aspect ,TNGA A new generation created by the platform RAV4 Rongfang performed best , Sales in the first half of the year 94741 car , Get compact SUV Fourth in sales ; Its sister car, GAC Toyota velanda, can also play , Year on year growth in sales 192.44%, Very eye-catching .

 Gac Toyota highlander 2022 paragraph Twin engine 2.5L Two drive elite 5 seat

『 The seven seat SUV A car that can't drive around ―― A new generation of hanlanda 』

In the first half of the year , Asian lion 、 A new generation of Highlander 、 Crown road 、 Lingshang and other models have attracted great attention of consumers , Although their sales are not bright at present , But hanlanda can be a fuel-efficient lamp ? The Asian lion has not yet awakened , We look forward to the future performance of these new cars . meanwhile , The establishment of the crown brand has also made countless crown owners boiling , This also means that Toyota has taken a solid step in the process of high-end in the future .

In the second half of the year , GAC Toyota Racing is definitely a new car worth seeing , meanwhile , The crown road mentioned above will also be released in 8 On the listed ,Harrier Coming soon . Toyota has always been synonymous with stability and reliability , From small cars to large displacement off-road vehicles , Toyota always reassures every consumer who chooses it .

■ Honda motor

Honda won the third place in the sales list of mainstream overseas brands , Sales in the first half of the year 760797 A new car , Year-on-year increase 36.71%, Almost the highest growth rate of overseas brands . At the same time, its market share has steadily increased to 7.21%, It is also one of the few mainstream overseas brands to increase their market share .

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The following is the sales ranking of Honda's models , Listed for many years CR-V In the face of the greasy RAV4 Rongfang and Qijun , Win overseas brands in the first half of the year SUV Sales champion , sales 132170 car , Year-on-year increase 62.25%; I have to sigh “CR-V Old age , Whether can food ?”XR-V The sister cars and Binzhi took over the small SUV Market champion and runner up , It has a lot of cards . At the same time, accord sales 92911 car , Won the third place in medium-sized cars . Bear all kinds of “ stem ” Civic and fit also achieved sales for half a year respectively 76897 Vehicles and 30231 The achievement of , Fit won the third place in small car sales , A new generation “GK5” I'm going to blow up the street with my big eyes . besides ,UR-V Achieved year-on-year results 317.68% The growth of , Very prominent .

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In the first half of the year, Honda ushered in a milestone of many models , The 20th anniversary of fit ,XR-V deliver 100 Thousands of cars . At the same time, many of its models have ushered in small changes , Boost sales . in addition , Honda's hybrid models performed well , The proportion of sales increased gradually , Judging from the reactions of various consumers , Japanese hybrid cattle .

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『 Eleven generations of Civic 』

In the second half of the year , The eleventh generation Civic is coming ! This kind of “ Every second, every second ” Our car has ushered in a new generation , At present, overseas official maps have been published , I believe we can receive a batch of fans after making it in China . meanwhile , The official picture of a new generation of Binzhi has also appeared , Honda pure electric car unveiled at Shanghai auto show SUV, It also shows Honda's determination to electrify , In the era of internal combustion engine, Honda has contributed countless surprises to us , So what will this new era of electrification bring us ? See you later !

■ Editor's summary

For now , Mainstream overseas brands have a high market share and position in China's auto market , The dominant position of Volkswagen and the Japanese top three, which began to operate decades ago, is still difficult to shake , Especially in the field of cars, it is difficult for domestic products to catch up with them , Many consumers still think that overseas brands are high-end 、 Reliability and face are synonymous with . But in recent years, they also face being squeezed by higher-grade or lower price products , Core missing 、 The dark cloud with poor effect of electric and intelligent transformation has also been floating in their hearts . Now China's auto market is a free market with ten thousand kinds of competition , We also hope that mainstream overseas brands can accurately grasp the market demand , Provide consumers with excellent products and good services .( writing / Car home Geng yuan 、 Xing Yueyang )

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