Players expand three-thirds of the world, and digitization and the new generation of users become a competitive place

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players expand three-thirds thirds world

With the upgrading of consumption , The automobile consumer market has entered a new race , The domestic car market has entered “2.0” The age of competition , Luxury car sales have become the focus of attention .

Data display of CAAC , In the first half of this year, domestic luxury cars achieved sales 165.8 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year growth 41.5%, Higher than the growth rate of cumulative sales of passenger cars 14.5 percentage , But due to the shortage of chips and other factors , The sales of luxury cars in the first half of the year did not reach the expected high level .

The market share of luxury cars increased in the first half of the year 13.9%: Increased market acceptance , Reduced tolerance

2018 year , China's automobile market appears 28 The first negative growth since ; from 2018 Since, China's passenger car market has experienced negative growth for three consecutive years ; But in a depressed market environment , Luxury cars are growing against the trend ; Data display of CAAC , stay 2018 year -2020 The average growth rate of the luxury car market in 11% about , Outperform the market ; In the first half of this year, the scale of the domestic luxury car market was close to 200 Thousands of cars , Market share growth 13.9%.

From the performance of various luxury car camps in the first half of the year , BMW Mercedes and audi The sales volume of the first camp has exceeded 40 Thousands of cars , Occupy two-thirds of the luxury car market . The sales volume of BMW is 46.7 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year growth 41.9%; Followed by Mercedes Benz , Year on year growth in sales 27.6% to 44.2 Thousands of cars ; Audi's sales volume is 41.9 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year growth 38.6%, The growth rate is higher than that of Mercedes Benz .

Relative to the first camp , The card position war of second-line luxury car brands is more subtle . faw Red flag 14.5 The sales volume of 10000 vehicles won the sales champion of the second tier luxury car brand , Followed by Cadillac 、 lexus 、 Volvo and Lincoln . The industry believes that the competition of second-line luxury car brands is particularly fierce , The overall sales ranking may also be shuffled .

The growth of luxury car sales is closely related to the improvement of national economic level , The increase of national disposable income promotes the continuous growth of residents' purchasing power , The purchase intention of luxury cars is increasing . Besides , According to the huge calculation 《2021 China luxury car Market Research Report 》, This is also obviously related to the increase of consumption upgrading trend , On the one hand, it is the upgrading of vehicle structure , Consumers have a stronger demand for medium-sized and above models ; On the other hand is the price upgrade ,30 The proportion of the consumer price range above 10000 yuan continues to expand ,5 Average annual growth rate during the year 22%. From the supply side , Due to lower costs 、 Tariff reduction and increased localization rate , Luxury car prices generally show a downward trend .

It is worth noting that , Consumer acceptance of luxury cars is increasing , Consumers' awareness of luxury cars is gradually opening up , No longer limited to luxury cars in the traditional sense , The brand concentration in the luxury car market began to decline . Consumer measures of luxury cars have also changed , More multidimensional ; In addition to the inherent brand factors , It also includes intelligent / Security configuration 、 Luxury experience, etc , Consumers' cognition and attitude towards luxury brands are becoming more and more mature . Huge numerical studies show that , from 2018 From 2004 to April this year , Luxury car head brand ( sales TOP5) Concentration ranges from 0.8 Drop to 0.69, Although the concentration is still high , However, compared with joint ventures and independent brands, it is the only market segment with reduced concentration .

On the one hand, it gives consumers more choices , On the other hand, it also intensifies the stock competition , Tolerance in the luxury car market has declined . In the industry believe that , There are prosperous “ Emerging ” There must be a recession “ Old player ”, But at the same time, it also promotes the diversified competition in the market .

“ The player ” Expand and reshape the competition pattern , There are inflection points of differences in consumer cognition

As China's independent brands rise 、 The layout of new forces for high-end car making , The competitive landscape of the luxury car market is also being reshaped , Formed a traditional luxury brand 、 Independent high-end brands and high-end new power brands .

It is generally accepted in the industry , Most owners of traditional luxury cars still prefer the purchased brands when they change their purchases , Brand repurchase rate and loyalty are high . Yuan Zhi, vice president of Guangdong Advertising Group Co., Ltd., said , Luxury car brand users are less price sensitive , The repurchase rate of the brand is high , Especially for consumers of traditional luxury brands , Brand connotation will be stronger , Trust will be higher , Therefore, there will be stronger brand loyalty when changing or adding purchases .

Besides , The staff of a luxury brand distribution store said , It's in tier three and tier four cities ,BBA Still have a strong appeal , In the hearts of consumers BBA Still the benchmark of luxury cars , Limited awareness of niche brands and new forces .

But in the first and second tier cities , For independent brands, high-end brands 、 The awareness of high-end new forces is relatively high ; At the same time, young consumers' perception of luxury brand measurement has also changed . A huge amount of mathematical analysis holds that , Consumers' perception of luxury brands has a different inflection point , The new generation of users pay more attention to meeting consumer demand 、 More powerful models , The new generation of users' perception of luxury brands has turned to “ Brand experience ”、“ Technical support ” And other experience factors , Market awareness and other factors are in the second place ; meanwhile , Compared with traditional luxury brands , Independent high-end brands at cost 、 Design and other advantages are more obvious , Be able to hit the pain point of the market segment .

According to the market performance of independent high-end brands in the current market , In the first half of this year, the Red Flag brand achieved sales 14.52 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year growth 107.3%;WEY Cumulative sales of the brand in the first half of the year 2.3 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year growth 14.8%; The sales volume of Lingke brand in the first half of the year was 10.78 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year growth 96.98%; Among them, the Red Flag brand is the first in the influx of second-line luxury cars .

With the continuous development of intelligence , Young consumers' definition of luxury cars is not just brand and price , It also pays more attention to the allocation of science and Technology 、 Driving experience and other indicators , This also brings a new turn for the rise of independent luxury brands . in addition , The huge calculation report shows that , Independent brands have a user base in the passenger car market , With the upgrading of consumption and the high-end of independent brands , This part of car owners will consider their own high-end brands .

More Than This , Intelligence provides an opportunity for the rise of independent high-end brands , The development of electrification also creates opportunities for the new forces of car making to erode the market share of traditional luxury brands . Tesla achieved sales in China in the first half of this year 17.28 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year growth 277.7%; Sales volume of Weilai automobile in the first half of the year 4.2 Thousands of cars , The sales of Xiaopeng automobile and ideal automobile both exceeded... In the first half of the year 3 Thousands of cars .

Compared with traditional luxury brands , Once the new forces of car making came out, they made it clear that intelligence 、 The electric route , It is connected in the intelligent network 、 Driverless and other intelligent experiences are better than traditional luxury brands , The original new energy models of traditional brands are more oil to electricity , In mileage 、 There are some deficiencies in space layout , The new forces of car building are all based on the new platform design . The study of massive arithmetic is called , Although traditional fuel luxury brands are also laying out electrification , However, consumers' acceptance of their electric models is not as high as that of traditional fuel vehicles . The data of the ride show ,30 The top five sales of medium and high-end new energy models with a sales volume of more than 10000 are new power brands of car making .

Yuan Zhi thinks , With the participation of independent luxury brands and high-end new energy brands , Non traditional luxury has gradually formed among consumers   Cognitive concepts , Are walking, young 、 High-end 、 Light luxury route , Also began to have a sense of luxury brand building . Auto industry analyst Yan Jinghui told reporters , In the context of electrification , All luxury car brands stand on the same starting line , With the continuous improvement of product layout , The competition among brands will be more intense , The ranking of luxury brands in the era of electrification may be reshuffled .

The epidemic accelerates the digitization process of luxury brand cars  , The new generation User operation may become a new focus

The way consumers maintain luxury car brands is also changing , From relying on offline to online and offline . Last year, due to the impact of the epidemic, offline consumption scenes , Online live broadcasting and other marketing means have become new marketing approaches .

An Audi brand in Beijing 4S The store sales consultant told reporters ,“ Online live broadcasting can cooperate with offline sales , An incremental approach , Through live broadcasting, it can help potential users with demand analysis and vehicle product introduction , Get the favor of potential users , So as to obtain customer information and materials , Facilitate subsequent invitation and sales purpose .”

In addition to the live broadcast , The epidemic has also accelerated the digitization of luxury brand cars ; For example, BMW launched My BMW App, The APP Set online car selection 、 Online services and social communication in one , Strengthen personalization 、 Social brand attributes ; Mercedes Benz also has Mercedes me Owner's club and She’s Mercedes, Emphasize diversified community operation . As for the new power brand of car making , Wei Lai automobile 、 Xiao peng car 、 Ideal cars have their own users APP, Among them, Wei Lai APP And Xiaopeng cars tend to live in the community , Ideal ONE Parameters picture ) APP Is to build a car community .

In addition to digitization , The user base of the luxury car market has also changed , According to different ages 、 The division of occupations is more elaborate , For example, middle-aged people prefer traditional luxury cars ,80 after 、90 Later, they prefer independent luxury brands and new forces of high-end car making .“ Luxury brands are going up and down , The product partition boundary is also getting longer and longer , One of the biggest features is its brand exploration , Especially reflected in the brand penetration of young groups .” Yuan Zhi said ,“ The youth trend of luxury brands is becoming more and more obvious .”

The industry believes that the annual sales volume of luxury car market is expected to exceed 400 Than mark , Prospective industry research institute predicts , The three German luxury brands in the future , Audi 、 Mercedes Benz and BMW , It will continue to occupy the top three in the domestic luxury car market , lexus 、 Cadillac 、 tesla 、 And independent luxury brands 、 The new forces of car making will also increase product investment , Provide support for its future sales , At the same time, speed up the electrification , The competition is getting fiercer , Luxury car market or now “ The catfish effect ”, It is expected that the market sales penetration of luxury cars in China is expected to exceed 18%.

The huge calculation believes that with the new generation of users becoming the main consumer , From the perspective of model coverage , When the competition in the main market segments has been saturated , Personalized models can better meet the needs of users , Help to further boost sales . Facing the growing personalized needs of the new generation , Personalized models of luxury cars have also become a force point in the future .

Besides , Consumers are increasingly dependent on online scenarios , In the receiving channels of various information , For luxury car users , Online channels have become the mainstream source of information . Compared with the same period last year , The proportion of online channels for users to obtain information has expanded , In gaining brand awareness 、 Model understanding 、 Price understanding 、 Buy a car, understand 、 The online dependence of car scenes and other scenes is also increased compared with the same period last year .

Although the automotive vertical media online platform is still the mainstream information access channel , But short video channels are growing rapidly , Especially in the car scene, the plate has surpassed the car industry , Showing strong growth momentum , Become a new position of brand marketing . And can be presented in diversified forms , Deliver brand value and product information to high potential users more economically and accurately .

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