The United States will significantly increase the proportion of electric vehicle market

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united states significantly increase proportion

The U.S. government 5 Announced in an activity to promote electric vehicles on the th , Will greatly increase the proportion of domestic electric vehicle sales , And will invest billions of dollars element Improve the supporting facilities .

According to the 《 Wall Street journal 》 reports , The White House is about to announce new electric vehicle targets , To 2030 year , General motors 、 ford The share of electric vehicles sold in the U.S. market by auto companies and car manufacturers such as strantis will reach 40% to 50%.

People familiar with the matter said , Other car manufacturers are expected to make similar statements on the sales target of electric vehicles , But it is not expected to appear in the plan announced by the White House . Strantis makes jeeps 、 The dodgers Ram and Chrysler Brand product .

The people familiar with the matter said , The goal of these carmakers is to build on increased support from federal and local governments , For example, increase the availability of charging piles and provide car purchase subsidies . As part of the infrastructure bill under consideration in the Senate , Federal lawmakers proposed to provide up to... For state and municipal governments 75 Billion dollars , For the construction of electric vehicle charging pile .

Auto industry officials expect , In addition to the goal of electric vehicles , The White House will also announce rules , It is required to improve fuel efficiency every year in the next two years 3.7%.

People familiar with the matter said , This goal may be improved in the next few years , But with the increase of electric vehicle sales , It will also be easier to achieve .

US Treasury Secretary Yellen 4 The appeal passed on 1 A trillion dollar bipartisan infrastructure Bill , This motion is from 20 century 50 Since the Eisenhower administration began to build the interstate highway system in the S , The largest infrastructure investment , The Senate is currently debating the bill .

She said , Transportation and road projects will connect more people to growing communities , It doesn't bring growth to communities that don't grow . Invest in building 50 Ten thousand electric vehicle charging piles will accelerate towards greenery 、 A more resilient economic transition .

But industry insiders say , The investment in market electrification needs hundreds of billions of dollars . Car manufacturers and suppliers lobby “ Automotive Innovation Alliance ” Of chairman Bozzola 4 Said Monday :“ The automotive industry will focus on Electrification in the next five years , Will fall 3300 Billion dollars .”

however , Union pressure may still be a problem . The UAW (UAW) Chairman curry 4 Japan issued a statement saying , The focus of Trade Unions “ Not a strict deadline or percentage , Instead, keep wages and benefits , This has always been the core and soul of the American middle class .”

5 Tesla was not invited to participate in the electric vehicle promotion on the th . tesla CEO Musk expressed doubts on twitter :“ Yes , Tesla was not invited ( Participate in the White House electric car event ) It seems strange .”

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