Honda and Nissan's sales in China fell for three consecutive months, with a year-on-year decrease of 20% in July

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honda nissan sales china fell

According to Nikkei. Com , Honda and nissan The car released 7 The sales data of new cars in China in June showed that , The sales volume decreased by 20% compared with the same month of last year , continuity 3 Months down . The shortage of semiconductors has an impact on production , At the same time, Nissan's plant in Henan Province was shut down for a time due to floods , It also has an impact . On the other hand , Toyota Time interval 1 Months turned to growth .

The specific term , Honda 7 Monthly sales decreased 20.9%, Down to 10.81 Thousands of cars . Honda said “ suffer ( Semiconductors, etc ) The impact of tight supply of parts ”.

Nissan sales decreased 20.8%, Down to 9.58 Thousands of cars . Fewer passenger cars 20.3% by 7.93 Thousands of cars , Small commercial vehicles such as trucks are reduced 17.7% by 1.54 Thousands of cars . In addition to the impact of semiconductor shortage ,7 In late June, factories in Zhengzhou, Henan Province were shut down due to floods caused by heavy rain , An impact . The factory produces SUV“ Qi jun Parameters picture )(X-Trail)” Models such as .

Toyota sales growth 2.8%, to 17.20 Thousands of cars , Time interval 1 Months turned to growth . Compared with competitors , Toyota is considered to be more slightly affected by the shortage of semiconductors .

China Automobile Industry Association 4 Yesterday's 7 The monthly sales forecast shows , The sales volume of the automobile industry is estimated to be completed 182 Thousands of cars , fell 9.7%, Year-on-year decline in 13.8%.

Divide into categories , Sales of passenger cars have declined year on year 11.2%, Commercial vehicle sales fell year-on-year 27.1%.

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