In the first half of the year, 494000 imported passenger cars were sold, accounting for 90% of luxury brands

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half year imported passenger cars

Data released by China Automobile Circulation Association recently show that , This year, 1-6 month , Thanks to the stimulation of market recovery and the low base in the same period last year caused by the epidemic , Terminal sales of imported passenger cars in China 49.4 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year growth 14.4%.

The Circulation Association said , The upgrading of passenger car consumption is still the core driving force of growth , The trend of luxury cars in the import market is good . However, due to the shortage of chips and the previous suspension of parallel imports ,6 Month of the month , Terminal sales of imported passenger cars 8.8 Thousands of cars , A slight year-on-year decline 0.6%.

1-6 month , Among the models of imported passenger cars, cars and SUV The proportion of models is as high as 96.8%, Year-on-year growth 30.7% and 4.5%,MPV Model year-on-year decline 12.0%.6 month , In addition to the year-on-year growth of cars 15.6% Outside ,SUV and MPV Sales are down , The declines are 10.1% and 30.8%.

From the perspective of model structure ,1-6 month , Affected by parallel import suspension , The shares of large and medium-sized vehicles fell respectively 0.8% and 1.1%. medium 、 Compact type 、 The share of small cars has increased . among , The market share of medium-sized imported vehicles continued to increase year-on-year 1.4%, The share of compact and small imported cars rebounded respectively 0.3% and 0.2%.

Displacement ,2.0-2.5L It still occupies the first displacement range of imported vehicle sales in the first half of the year , The sales share is 50.6%, Year on year increase 6.4%; Also subject to parallel import suspension ,3.0L The share of the above models decreased significantly ,3.0-4.0L and 4.0L The above models account for 24.4% and 1.6% Market share . The Circulation Association believes that , Imported cars are generally inclined to small displacement , It helps to reduce the fuel consumption of imported vehicles , In order to meet the fuel consumption regulations 、 Lower tariffs .

1-6 month , Luxury brands are still the absolute sales force of imported cars , Proportion is as high as 90.0%; The decline of non luxury brands further expanded to 48.3%, The proportion is only 9.2%. Luxury brands 、 The growth rate of super luxury brands reached 30.3% and 64.0%.

In terms of specific brands ,1-6 month , lexus Sales are still far ahead , Won the first place in the list of imported brands , Mercedes transcend BMW In second place ; Toyota Affected by parallel import suspension , Sales fell sharply .6 month , 70% of the top 10 brands of imported passenger cars increased year-on-year . among , audi Still hold 44.4% The largest increase in ; suffer ES Sales decline and LX Generation change affects , Lexus fell year-on-year 0.7%; Toyota fell the most , reach 71.3%.

Regional aspects ,6 month , guangdong 、 Zhejiang 、 Consumers in Jiangsu are most interested in buying imported cars . 60% of the top ten provinces in sales increased year-on-year , Among them, Shanghai has the fastest growth rate , reach 24.4%; Among the four provinces with year-on-year decline , Liaoning is most affected by the suspension of parallel imports , The decline was as great as 36.9%.

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