From January to June, 8.43 million used cars were sold, and the maintenance rate rose in June

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january june million used cars

In recent days, , According to the data released by China Automobile Circulation Association ,6 month , The transaction volume of the national second-hand car market is 152.69 Thousands of cars , rose 4.43%, The transaction amount is 957.16 Billion element . The Circulation Association says ,6 Although June is the off-season for the sales of the automobile industry , However, the shortage of chips limits the production capacity of some models in the new car market , The rise in the price of new cars has pushed up the demand for used cars , The hedging rate of models at all levels generally rose . Besides , The Dragon Boat Festival holiday has also stimulated consumers' demand for cars , meanwhile 6 Monthly transaction days ratio 5 More months 2 God , Therefore, the volume of used car transactions increased slightly month on month , Better than expected .

1-6 month , The national second-hand car transaction volume is 843.42 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year growth 52.89%, a 2019 Annual growth 22.9%. First half of this year , The sales volume of all models increased significantly year-on-year , The growth rate of passenger cars is higher than that of commercial vehicles . among , Basic passenger cars are traded together 510.92 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year growth 56.70%;SUV transaction 90.71 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year growth 68.45%;MPV transaction 48.93 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year growth 50.25%; Cross passenger car transaction 18.88 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year growth 35.09%; Bus transactions 66.07 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year growth 37.59%; Truck transactions 70.70 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year growth 41.27%.

In the first half of the year , The price distribution of second-hand cars in China shows a dumbbell structure ,5 Year on year growth of models below 10000 yuan 2.24%,5 ten thousand -15 The price range of 10000 yuan decreased year-on-year 3.30%,15 ten thousand -30 RMB 10000 increased year-on-year 1.01%,30 Increase in the range of more than 10000 yuan 0.04%.

about 7 Used car market in January , The Circulation Association expects “ Not particularly optimistic ”. adopt 7 Monitoring data of key enterprises in the first three weeks of the month , Trading volume fell by 5% about , and 7 In late June, there was a sudden flood in Henan , The epidemic situation in many places in China repeats again , It has a great impact on second-hand car trading . expect 7 The volume of used car transactions will decline month on month 5%-7%, The overall scale is maintained at 140 ten thousand -142 Ten thousand cars , The year-on-year growth rate is 11%-15%.

This is at the dealer 7 It is also reflected in the monthly inventory data .7 The average inventory cycle of menstrual sellers is 29.6 God , Than 6 Monthly growth is close to 2 God , Yes 32.7% Our dealers said that the inventory cycle is 30 Days or more . This is mainly because 7 The price of second-hand cars collected and sold all the way down , Therefore, consumers are not in a hurry to sell vehicles , The used car market is relatively inactive , Dealer pair 8 In June, the market also held a cautious and conservative attitude .

In terms of cross regional circulation ,6 In June, the national second-hand car transfer rate was 28.24%, Year-on-year growth 0.56%, fell 0.08%, The top five City Respectively Beijing 、 Ji Lin 、 Zhejiang 、 heilongjiang 、 Shanghai . Related to this is Shenzhen 、 Beijing and other cities are promoting the second-hand car transaction turnover index policy , This means that the original owner can transfer the car directly to the dealer , Don't wait for new buyers , It is expected that the official introduction of the policy will further improve the circulation efficiency of second-hand cars .

Focus on the hedging of various brands . The top three luxury brands are porsche lexus And Mercedes Benz , In addition, Volvo 、 Cadillac's hedging rate has increased significantly , Land Rover ranks ahead of Infiniti , Lincoln brand surpasses Jaguar . It is worth mentioning that ,DS The hedging rate has increased month by month recently , Just two months , Its hedging rate has increased from 38.0% Rise to 50.5%.

Mainstream joint venture brands , Japan still ranks among the top five in terms of hedging rate , But Nissan has fallen a lot , fell 9.7%.

In the independent brand , The top three hedging rates are still Wuling 、 Link and trumpchi , The value preservation rate of Hongqi brand has increased greatly , Month on month rise 3.0%. The Circulation Association says , Lingke brand users have strong thinking , Pay close attention to the opinions put forward by users , Brand awareness and hedge ratio are always high .

In the field of new energy vehicles , The top three models with a one-year age are Porsche Taycan Parameters picture )、 Agatsuma MINI EV as well as Model X; In the three-year vehicle age, the hedging rate of imported models remains high , The top three models are Porsche Panamera Intermixing 、 BMW 5 system Plug and mix and Model X, In addition, among the domestic models, BYD has certain scale advantages , element 、 The tang dynasty 、 The qin dynasty Pro New energy models are on the list one after another .

in addition , In view of the recent hot discussion BBA Transformation and electrification , The Circulation Association says , Luxury brand pure electric medium-sized SUV The hedging rate continues to decline , because BMW iX3 and Mercedes EQC The terminal price of new cars is also falling again and again , This makes it more difficult to sell second-hand models .

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