Biden invited GM, Ford and others to discuss the electric vehicle plan, lacking Tesla

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biden invited gm ford discuss

The background of the surge of global new energy vehicles , The White House will push the electric vehicle policy again .

According to the CNN、 The Wall Street Journal and other foreign media reported ,8 month 5 Japan , The White House and general motors (GM.NYSE)、 ford automobile (F.NYSE) and Stellantis(STLA.NYSE) The joint statement said , According to an executive order signed by Biden , To 2030 The target of annual zero emission vehicle sales accounting for the total new vehicle sales will be set as 50%, It is proposed that the average fuel consumption of fuel vehicles should be within 2026 By the current per gallon of gasoline 43.3 Miles up to 52 miles .

It is reported that , These three major American carmakers 8 month 5 He was invited to the White House to discuss a series of measures under the new emission reduction target , But what puzzles the industry is , As the largest electric vehicle manufacturer in the United States and even the world —— tesla Absent from this political and business gathering .

“ Yes , It's a little weird that Tesla wasn't invited .” On the same day , tesla CEO Elon · musk (Elon Musk) Also expressed his puzzlement on the social platform . Regarding this , According to foreign media, a White House spokesman was quoted Jen Paski Speech analysis said , Tesla's absence or its California plant UAW( American Automobile Workers Association ) About your entanglement .

Focus on Biden's newly released new goal of electrification , Among them, zero emission vehicles include battery electric vehicles 、 Fuel cell vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles with gasoline engines . However, considering that the new energy vehicle market in the United States is not mature and shows scale effect , An American carmaker warned that ,“ It will take billions of dollars element Government funds ”.

Regarding this , Ren Wanfu, senior industry analyst 8 month 5 Japan Times finance and Economics said ,“ The goals set by the U.S. government may not be successfully achieved , On the one hand, it is limited by the system , Mandatory goals or strong opposition ; On the other hand , Besides Tesla , The three major automobile enterprises in the United States have achieved little in electrification , Such a high goal is very difficult to achieve ”.

It is worth noting that , As early as this year 3 month , The White House has issued a supportive policy .3 month 31 Japan , The United States 《 Infrastructure plan 》 Release , Propose to invest in 1740 Billion dollars to support the development of American electric vehicle market , The content involves improving the domestic industrial chain 、 Sales discounts and tax incentives 、 To 2030 Built in 50 Ten thousand charging posts 、 School bus, bus and federal fleet electrification .

The Biden administration is so eager to promote the development of the American electric vehicle industry , One is that new energy vehicles will become the mainstream development trend in the future , The era of internal combustion engine may become history ; The second is that clean energy and environmental protection are the focus of Biden's Government ; Third, the development of American electric vehicle industry has lagged behind Europe and China .

By 2020 year , The penetration rate of electric vehicles in the United States is only 2.2%, And China 、 The data for Europe are 5.4%、11.41%. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA) Statistics , The United States accounts for only 1020 Of 10000 electric vehicles 17%. China accounts for... Of the world's electric vehicles 44%(450 More than ), Near Europe 320 Ten thousand vehicles account for 31% about . The growth rate of electric vehicles in the United States is also far behind that in Europe and China .2016 - 2020 year , The compound annual growth rate in Europe is 60%, China's growth rate is 36%, American growth 17%.

Besides , The European 、 China's electric vehicle industry is still developing at a high speed , The penetration rate is still increasing . According to the Ministry of industry and information technology ,2021 year 5 month , China's new energy vehicle market penetration has broken through 10%. Europe is headed by Britain, France and Germany 8 The penetration rate of new energy vehicles in China has increased to 19.7%.

in fact , The United States 3 The electric vehicle support policy launched in January has achieved initial results . This year, 1-6 In June, the cumulative number of new energy vehicles in the United States increased significantly year-on-year 116%, Outperform passenger cars 88%.6 The penetration rate of new energy vehicles reached 3.8%, Beat market expectations . among The public 、 Universal 、 The share of Ford and other cities increased .

Some insiders said , Although in the long run , The development of electric vehicle industry in the United States will not meet expectations , But under the policy stimulus , It may achieve rapid development in the short term .

Western securities 8 month 5 The daily research report said , Policy support + Increase in supply , The new energy cycle in the United States is about to start .2020 So far this year , China's new energy vehicle market has entered the post subsidy era , Products dominate , Europe continues to have high subsidies , The United States is adding new energy tax subsidies . Under the rising trend of automobile market and policy environment , American car companies have significantly accelerated the launch of electric vehicle products .

In addition to the U.S. government , The three major automobile enterprises are also striving to realize the transformation of intelligent electrification . Ge promises to 2025 To be launched in 30 A new electric car ( New products in the U.S. market exceed 20 paragraph ), Ford plan 2030 In, the proportion of sales of pure electric vehicles was increased to 40%.Stellantis The group has also previously promised , Plan in 2025 Years ago , Invest at least... In the segment of electric vehicles 300 Billion Euros according to the company's vision , To 2025 year ,Stellantis The group is in the European and North American markets 98% All models will launch electrification options .

“ It is expected that this will accelerate the further development of the new energy vehicle industry in the United States , And accelerate the development of new energy vehicles and the transformation of future auto enterprises by traditional auto enterprises in the United States and other parts of the world , This will benefit the new energy industry chain of the United States to a certain extent .” Some analysts told times finance that .

“ This is good for Tesla, a hard core new energy vehicle enterprise .” The analysts further said ,“ GM and Ford have plans to accelerate the launch of new energy vehicles in the future , This policy should boost their share prices to some extent in the short term ”.

Or stimulated by the new deal ,8 month 5 General Motors (GM.NYSE)、 Ford Motor (F.NYSE) Both closed up about 3%, Separately report... Per share 54.44 Dollars and 13.71 dollar , tesla (TSLA.NASDAQ)、Stellantis(STLA.NYSE) Is relatively stable , The former rose 0.52% To share 714.63 dollar .

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