Stellantis "China strategy" for accelerating pure electric transformation was released at the end of the year

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stellantis china strategy accelerating pure

At the beginning of this year by PSA And FCA A combination of Stellantis The group , It also released its own electrification transformation process under the tide of global electrification . among , The trend of China's market, which plays an important role in Xinneng automobile market , More attention .

“ At present, we have no new action ,Stellantis The group's China strategy will be released at the end of this year as originally planned .”8 month 5 Japan ,Stellantis Vice president of communications, China President Wang Chao told reporters .

The day before ,Stellantis The group announced that it would 24 Within months 11 A pure electric car and 10 A plug-in hybrid model . According to the plan , stay 2021 By the end of the year ,Stellantis Pure electric light commercial vehicle series and hydrogen fuel cell medium truck will be launched in Europe ; stay 2022 By the end of the year , The factory in Ellesmere, UK will be transformed into the first factory specializing in the production of pure electric vehicles .

It is worth noting that ,Stellantis The group did not announce this 21 Introduction and development plan of new energy products in China . In China, ,Stellantis The group currently has two joint ventures , They are DPCA and GAC Fick , The current sales volume of the two companies is generally low , Accumulated sales in the first half of the year 40558 Vehicle and 11760 car . Less than satisfactory market performance , The two companies are facing the challenge of lack of new products .

“ front PSA Group and former FCA The performance of the group in China in the past few years was not very satisfactory .” For the poor performance of its brands in recent years , This year, 4 During the Shanghai auto show in May , Stellantis Members of the group's Global Executive Committee 、 Olivier, chief operating officer of China (Grégoire OLIVIER) Once said frankly ,Stellantis I don't intend to give up the plan of further development in the Chinese market , “ Group Global The tang dynasty reality only (Carlos Tavares) Is personally leading a special research team , This group is composed of five top management team members of the group , I'm one of them . We are studying the group's future strategy in the Chinese market , This strategy will also be released by the end of this year .”

Stellantis It is not the first time that the group's electrification strategic layout has not mentioned the Chinese market .7 month 8 Japan ,Stellantis The group issued an all-round electrification strategy , Plan in 2025 Before the end of the year , Spent nearly 300 Billion euro element For electrification and software development . Based on this , The group also proposed in 2030 in ,Stellantis In Europe, 70% Sales and the United States 40% Above sales , All from low emission models (LEV). At the time , There is no description of China's market planning .

“ It is normal that the product introduction scheme in China is uncertain , The European 、 In North America 、 South America is Stellantis The group's traditional advantageous market .” Insiders believe that , Since this year, GAC Fick has continued to hover at a low level , It's a tough time ; Although DPCA has hit the bottom, it has rebounded , But to really go through the dangerous period , It will take longer to get back to the main track ,“ The problems facing the Chinese market , Obviously, they don't have a better response at present .”

Results show that ,2021 In the first half of Stellantis The group's net revenue amounted to 753 Billions of euros , growth 46%; The adjusted operating profit is 86 Billions of euros , The profit margin is 11.4%. Look at it from different regions , Record profitability in North America , The profit margin reaches 16.1%; The market share of the South American market reached 23.6%; The market share of the Middle East and Africa market also reached 11.9%; In the European market ,Stellantis The group is in Europe 30 The overall market share of China has increased to 23.1%. however , In China, 、 India and Asia Pacific Markets ,Stellantis The group's shipments, including local joint ventures, are only 10.2 Thousands of cars , The growth rate is slow .

“ The Chinese market is unique in many aspects in today's world automobile market , Especially in the field of new energy 、 The field of automotive interconnection . In a sense , China's auto market represents the future .” In Olivier's view , The Chinese market is not just for the group “ The land of contention ”, It's also Stellantis electric 、 An important venue for intelligent transformation .

“ expect Stellantis The group's China strategy was released at the end of the year , At that time, our position will be clear at a glance .” The aforementioned insiders said .

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