Musk may take over the banner again after the expiration of Tesla's current chairman's term of office

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According to media reports , tesla The current Chairman Robyn Denholm Your term of office is coming , Musk may take over the post of chairman of Tesla again .

2018 year , Because musk pushes the suspicion of misleading investors , The securities and Exchange Commission asked musk to step down as chairman ,Denholm In the same year 11 He took over as chairman in June . Now , The three-year period is approaching ,Robyn Denholm Whether to renew is of concern . however ,Robyn Denholm What's new with , Seems to give some hints .

According to Tesla to the sec (SEC) Submit the latest documents ,Robyn Denholm With more than 2200 Wanmei element For sale. 31250 Tesla shares . Media speculation ,Denholm May no longer serve as chairman , This may be Denholm One of the reasons for selling stocks .

stay 2018 year 8 month , Musk announced on twitter , Will consider the privatization of Tesla , And means to get " Enough money has been obtained ". Then a month later , Musk announced the cancellation of Tesla's privatization plan . therefore SEC Sue musk , Accused of fraud and misleading investors .

until 2018 year 9 month , Mask and SEC Reach a settlement . According to the settlement agreement ,SEC Ask CEO Elon • musk (Elon Musk) To step down as chairman of the board of directors , And an independent director will take his place , The term of office is three years . Since then ,Denholm from 2018 year 11 He began to serve as chairman of Tesla in June .

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