The third generation semiconductor adds another player, and automotive SiC becomes a new milestone

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generation semiconductor adds player automotive

Today, , foxconn 、 Wang Hong jointly held a signing ceremony , Hon Hai to 25.2 Billion new Taiwan dollar ( About us 5.87 RMB ) Acquisition of wanghong Hsinchu 6 Inch wafer plant and equipment , The transfer of property rights is expected to be completed by the end of this year .

Liu Yangwei, chairman of Hon Hai, said , The company plans to use the plant for R & D and production of third-generation semiconductors , Especially silicon carbide used in electric vehicles (SiC) power element Pieces of . This is also Hon Hai “3+3” Strategy , An important milestone in the integration of electric vehicles and semiconductors .

Committed to from “ Labor intensive ” towards “ Brain intensive ” Transformed Hon Hai , New energy vehicles have long been 、 Semiconductor and other emerging industries as the key direction of development . This year, 4 month , Liu Yangwei once said , Except Wang Hong 6 Outside the factory , Hon Hai right 8 Inch factory is also interested , Plan to actively layout special process chips and SiC.

SiC The rise of New energy vehicles become the largest incremental source

With electric vehicles 、 Smart car 、5G rapid growth , With gallium nitride (GaN)、 Silicon carbide (SiC) The third generation of semiconductors represented by . among ,SiC Due to its high saturation speed 、 Extremely high thermal conductivity, etc , The power device made of it has excellent performance , Downstream is mainly used for new energy vehicles 、 Smart grid and other industries .HIS data display ,2025 year SiC The market scale of power devices will reach 30 Billion dollars .

New energy vehicles ,SiC The device can effectively extend the driving range 、 Shorten charging time 、 Increase battery capacity , The rapid development of the downstream market has also become SiC The largest incremental source of demand . at present , tesla Model 3 Parameters picture ) Has been equipped with SiC inverter ; BYD Expect to 2023 year , Realize... In its electric vehicles SiC Comprehensive replacement of power semiconductors for base vehicles ; Infineon is there, too 5 Month launch SiC Automobile power module . Zhang Xin, an analyst at Zhongtai securities, expects ,2021 In the field of automobile SiC It is expected to enter the first year of mass production .

Similar to the first generation semiconductor silicon wafer , SiC Chips are also developing towards large size , Improve downstream response to SiC Utilization and production efficiency of chips . At present , On the global market ,6 Inch SiC The substrate has been commercialized , Mainstream manufacturers have also launched 8 Inch sample .7 month 27 Japan , Italian French semiconductor announced , Make the first batch of 8 Inch SiC wafer .

At this stage ,SiC The bottleneck of penetration is the high cost . however , According to the CASA Statistics ,SiC Prices have fallen rapidly in recent years ,2020 Year comparison 2017 It fell by more than 50% in . future , With 6 Inch substrate 、 The quality of epitaxial wafer is improved 、8 Inch production line to achieve large-scale production , The cost reduction effect is expected to appear , advance SiC Popularity of devices and modules .

The mountain has not been crossed yet ,SiC We also have to face the river of production capacity . Although manufacturers have made efforts to expand production , But Wu Hao, an analyst at Dongxing Securities 、 Chen Yuzhe pointed out , As the downstream market develops more than expected , The commercial supply of existing domestic products can not meet the demand ,SiC There is a big gap between power electronics and RF . The supply side has become an important constraint on silicon carbide , The stable production capacity brought by technological advantages will be an important competitiveness of manufacturers .

At home SiC Among relevant manufacturers :

Exposed laugh Technology 、 Sanan optoelectronics has been laid out SiC substrate ;

Star semi guide 3 In June, it announced the overweight vehicle regulation level SIC Module production line ;

BYD semiconductor 、 Wentai technology 、 China Resources micro and others are also engaged in SiC device .

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