BYD blade batteries or Tesla are its suppliers

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byd blade batteries tesla suppliers

The big news about new energy vehicles continues , On the one hand, the White House and mainstream car manufacturers both said , Within ten years, the sales proportion of new energy vehicles will be close to 50%, Another message comes from BYD .

It is reported that , BYD will report to... In the second quarter of next year tesla supply “ Blade battery ”, Currently equipped with “ Blade battery ” Tesla models have entered C Sample test stage .

Regarding this , Although BYD said “ Declined to comment ”, But the data released after hours show that ,7 In June, the total installed capacity of power batteries and energy storage batteries of BYD new energy vehicles increased again , About to reach 3.001GWh, The total installed capacity of this year is about 15.708GWh.

At present, with the progress of energy conservation and emission reduction , The penetration rate of global electric vehicles continues to increase . before , Several major countries and regions have successively announced the ban on the sale of fuel models : Canada announces 2035 Fuel vehicles have been banned since , Designed to 2050 In, the country achieved net zero emission ; The UK will 2030 Ban on the sale of fuel vehicles in ; Japan releases green growth plan ,2035 Ban on the sale of gasoline vehicles in ; The Biden administration also released its latest plan on Thursday local time ,2030 The annual sales of zero emission vehicles accounted for the total sales of new vehicles 50%.

Power battery is called the of electric vehicle “ The heart ”, It ranks first in the core technology of electric vehicles . according to SNE Research forecast , To 2025 year , The global power battery shipments and installations are 1396GWh and 1163GWh,2021-2025 Annual compound annual growth rate of power battery demand 40%.

The competition pattern of the global power battery market is divided into China, Japan and South Korea , Among them, Ningde times has been the largest power battery manufacturer in the world for three consecutive years , It is also a battery supplier that Tesla signed a long-term contract last year .2020 year 3 month , BYD releases blade battery , Changed the industry to three element Dependence on lithium batteries , Lead the technical route of power battery to a new track . In terms of performance , The volume specific energy density of BYD blade battery is higher than that of traditional lithium iron phosphate battery 50%, Cost reduction 20%-30%, The discharge rate is greatly improved , Life expectancy has also reached 8 year 120 Thousands of kilometers .

Because its energy density has been comparable to that of ordinary ternary batteries , And extremely safe , So that many car companies intend to use BYD blade batteries . Since the first half of the year , BYD has begun to expand its potential customers 、 Build a factory at sea and continue to promote the external supply of blade batteries . In the first half of the year , The total installed capacity of BYD's external battery is about 0.3GWh, Supporting enterprises include changan automobile 、 China faw 、 Jinkang automobile, etc .

Bai Yiyang, an analyst at China Merchants Bank International, expects , As battery capacity climbs , The total installed capacity supplied by BYD in the whole year is expected to exceed 2GWh, The corresponding sales revenue of lithium battery is about 16 RMB . BYD 7 Month respectively with doxorubicin , Tianji shares 、 Three enterprises in Yan'an Bikang signed the supply agreement of lithium hexafluorophosphate , since 2021 year 7 From to 2022 year 12 The total monthly purchase shall not be less than 2.1 Ten thousand tons of lithium hexafluorophosphate ( about 156GWh). CMB International believes that the relevant purchase agreements verify the logic of BYD's battery expansion and external supply , It is expected that 2022 Since, the external supply of batteries is expected to be large-scale .

Coincidentally, , Lithium hexafluorophosphate is in the rapidly growing demand gap downstream , The price has been since 7 At the beginning of the month, it rose again by nearly 10%. The downstream “ Long single ” lock , It also makes BYD guarantee 、 It has advantages in fee control .

Financial associated press combined with xingkuang data to sort out BYD's blade battery industry chain suppliers :

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