The export of new energy vehicles soared by 151%, and European financial subsidies attracted Chinese electric vehicles

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export new energy vehicles soared

Joint meeting of passenger vehicle market information ( hereinafter referred to as “ Take the cib ”) Published data display , First half of this year , China's export volume of new energy vehicles is 17.33 Thousands of cars , Up to 151%.

This growth rate not only outperforms China's auto export market , It is also better than the sales of new energy vehicles . First half of this year , China's auto exports increased year-on-year 118%; Sales of new energy vehicles increased year-on-year 201.5%.

Cui Dongshu, Secretary General of the China Travel Federation, told the economic observer , overall , Although the shortage of chips has a certain impact on China's auto exports , However, the stagnation of automobile production caused by the epidemic abroad is more serious , This has led to a rapid growth in China's auto exports , Even for developed countries, it has achieved a lot of export increment .

It is mainly passenger cars that support the surge in exports of new energy vehicles . First half of this year , Among China's new energy vehicles exported , The proportion of passenger cars reached 75%, The total of about 13 Thousands of cars , The proportion of trucks is about 19%, The proportion of passenger cars is about 2%, The proportion of special vehicles is about 5%.

Cui Dongshu said , Due to the launch of a new round of financial subsidy policies in European countries , The attraction of the European new energy vehicle market to auto enterprises has greatly increased , The domestic export volume of new energy vehicles to Europe is also growing .

2020 year 5 month 26 Japan , France announced its contribution to 80 Billion euro element Revitalize the auto industry , Individuals who buy electric cars can get up to 7000 Euro subsidy ;6 month , Germany passed 1300 Euro billion European recovery plan , Grant money 500 Billion euros to promote the development of electric vehicles and set up more charging piles .

In this context , Domestic new energy vehicle enterprises have strengthened the export of new energy vehicles to Europe . This year, 2 month , Xiao peng car 209 Pure electric vehicle SUV Xiao peng G3 Set sail from Guangzhou to export to the European market . The first quarter of this year , Love Chi The export volume of cars to the European market reached 1056 car ( Number of customs clearance ), exceed 2020 The total annual export volume in . This year, 6 month , BYD The first 100 Pure electric vehicle SUV The tang dynasty EV( Parameters picture ) It is also officially shipped from Shanghai port to Norway .

According to Cui Dongshu , This round of surge in China's new energy passenger vehicle exports , Tesla accounts for the largest proportion . First half of this year , The export volume of Tesla Shanghai factory is about 5 Thousands of cars , The proportion in the export of new energy vehicles is about 30%, The proportion in the export of new energy passenger vehicles reached 38.4%.

From last year 10 Month begins , The cars produced by Tesla's factory in Shanghai began to be exported to Europe , Sold to Germany 、 The French 、 Italy 、 Netherlands 、 Portugal 、 Switzerland 、 Sweden and dozens of other countries .

Shanghai factory is Tesla's first complete vehicle factory established outside the United States , Put into operation in 2019 end of the year . Tesla said in its second quarter earnings report , Considering the strong demand in the U.S. market and global cost optimization , Tesla has transformed its Shanghai plant into a major automobile export base . Although affected by supply chain pressure and plant upgrading , But Shanghai's factory capacity remains strong .

at present , In addition to the Shanghai factory , Tesla also has Fremont plant in California and Austin plant in the United States , However, Fremont has no time to meet the needs of other markets outside North America , The Austin plant is affected by the epidemic and other factors , So far, the construction has not been completed .

In Europe, , Tesla plans to build a German factory 2022 Annual commissioning . however , According to media reports , Since the beginning of this year, there have been continuous gas leaks from the factory 、 Violation of labor law , Sewage discharge and other scandals . This year, 5 month , Several analysts lowered their expectations for Tesla's German plant , I think the construction progress of the factory is beginning to slow down .

It means , China has become an important global export base for Tesla .

in fact , It's not just Tesla , More foreign auto companies also plan to build their Chinese factories into a global export base for new energy vehicles .2020 year 11 month , BMW announces , Produced by BMW Brilliance iX3 Pure electric vehicles will be introduced to the world 39 Countries and regions export .

Similarly, , Earlier reports quoted people familiar with the matter as saying , Volkswagen is considering producing a new small pure electric vehicle through its joint venture partner JAC in China , The car may be named ID.2, Initially only produced and sold in China , It will be exported to Europe in the future .

however , The surge in China's new energy vehicle exports in the first half of the year is not entirely due to Tesla . Even after deducting the export volume of Tesla's Shanghai factory , In the first half of this year, China's exports of new energy vehicles also reached 12.33 Thousands of cars , Still growing year on year 78.82%. Moreover, more and more new energy vehicle enterprises are taking export as their main strategy .

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