How to solve the profit problem of travel companies with a special financing of 500 million yuan?

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solve profit problem travel companies

Xiangdao travel, a subsidiary of SAIC Group, recently released the industry's first operating lease asset securitization project “ Enjoy the way 1 Number ”, Financing scale 5 Billion element , The funds will be used for the scale expansion of enterprise travel business and other fields . Besides , First financial reporter learned that , Road sharing travel is currently in progress B Round of funding , It is expected to be announced by the end of the year .

this ABS financing , It's enjoy road travel that won the support of Ningde times and Alibaba last year 3 One hundred million yuan A The second public financing after the round of financing , Compared with the financing scale of Internet travel companies such as Didi, which is often several billion yuan at a time , The travel companies under the vehicle factory are not only in financing, but also in market scale , It is not the same order of magnitude as the above-mentioned companies .

Drop by drop 2012 Since its establishment in , Although I have 5 Million years of active users , But until it goes public , Still unable to realize the profit of main business . Like didi , Although the past few years , Including SAIC 、 faw 、 GAC 、 changan Almost all mainstream vehicle enterprises are overweight the travel market , But the problem of market and profit is still the most easy to be “ Challenge ” The topic of . In this context , The heat of capital on the travel market is also gradually cooling down . According to the data provided by AI media consulting ,2017 In, the financing events of shared travel reached 116 rise , The scale of financing exceeds 880 One hundred million yuan , but 2020 First three quarters , The amount of financing in the field of shared travel is only 16 rise , The capital scale is only 112.2 One hundred million yuan , More capital has poured into industries such as autonomous driving and chips .

SAIC Group in 2017 In, it was officially proposed to transform from an automobile manufacturer to a mobile travel service provider , And in 2018 The mobile travel strategy brand will be launched at the end of the year “ Enjoy the road trip ”, As a travel company under the vehicle enterprise , How to define the prospect of the future travel market , What is the value of the travel company ?

Enjoy the road trip CEO In an interview with China business news, Wu Bing talked about , original ( Travel industry ) The so-called investment theory is that I need to invest quickly , Rapid growth to gain market share leads to rapid retreat , Basically in a three-year cycle , Now both investors and operators will be more rational , Will look at this issue from a long-term perspective . He thinks that , After the changes of capital and market in the past few years , The industry has also made a general judgment on the development mode of the whole travel industry . The travel market is not an industry that competes in the market simply by comparing the quantity and share , From the perspective of enjoying road travel , This round of financing is partly used to expand market share , More investment in technology . He talked about , The track of the future travel industry is long enough , Demand is also rigid , The biggest challenge is not the current scale competition , But think about the future business model .

According to the data of China Internet Network Information Center , By 2020 year 3 month , The number of online car Hailing users in China has reached 3.62 Billion , Accounting for the overall number of Internet users 40.1%. The online car Hailing platform companies that have obtained business licenses include 140 A number of , Qualified online car Hailing drivers have reached 150 More than ten thousand people , The average number of online car Hailing orders completed per day exceeds 2000 Thousands of single . Among the current market players , Except for small and medium-sized leasing companies , Another is represented by didi , Internet companies that are good at traffic , And travel with enjoy 、 Cao Cao's special car and T3 The representative vehicle manufacturer .

Wu Bing thinks that , The biggest advantage of the vehicle manufacturer lies in its supply side , It has core advantages in automobile and related industrial chains , The future follows robotaxi The arrival of the intelligent era represented by , If these companies can provide the final solution with technical advantages for the supply side of the travel market , Then it will form its own value closed loop in this field , So as to realize from car making to car making + The transformation of travel .

Under such a business concept , Online car hailing from the beginning of road sharing travel 、 To cut in B End of the enterprise travel business market , Constantly adjust your business model , Up to now , It already covers travel application 、 Enjoy time and rent 、 There are four business segments: exclusive car and car rental , The special car business has more than 2000 Million registered users , The car rental business has covered China 154 individual City , Over service 2200 Enterprise users .

Wu Bing talked about , The biggest difference in positioning between road sharing travel and other online car Hailing companies , I hope to test the water in the travel market , To accumulate technology and experience , Finally, the technological innovation at the supply side and the connection of the whole chain from production and manufacturing to market consumption will be realized .“ This technological innovation may be at the driver level in the short term , The long-term possibility also includes the supply side of the vehicle , How can we create a competitive cost supply , This competitive cost supply includes the car price itself , It also includes the cost of the car in use , This competitive cost supply enables drivers or rental companies in this system to obtain benefits , Give Way ( online car-hailing ) Pricing returns to rationality , And competitive operation can balance the profit model of the whole platform .” Wu Bing thinks that , In the future, the travel industry should be profitable , It not only needs the market pricing to return to rationality , But also through the car turnover and the advantages of the industrial chain to obtain more profit opportunities .

For SAIC , Enjoy road travel is the key to the group's technology and service transformation in the future “ Experimental fields ”, Get involved in the field of travel , The whole vehicle factory hopes that through direct connection with users , More intuitive access to user needs 、 Return feedback , Redefine the future market and consumption direction . But this accumulation is not done overnight , As a travel company , At present, what needs to be considered in enjoying road travel is how to obtain customers accurately and operate more finely , To make yourself walk more steadily .

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