The shortage of automobile chips exacerbated the shutdown of some Toyota production lines

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shortage automobile chips exacerbated shutdown

The shortage of automotive chips that began at the end of last year has not eased over time , The first financial reporter learned exclusively , faw Toyota And GAC Toyota due to chip shortage , Some production lines are suspended . However, the two companies did not disclose which models were reduced due to the shortage of chips , And the specific output lost .

“ Toyota is the company with the strongest supply chain management ability in the whole industry , Long before the chip shortage , Toyota has been hoarding chip inventory for months . Now Toyota has also stopped production , The situation may be more severe in other enterprises .” An automotive chip supplier told reporters , Considering the capacity and supply and demand of the original chip factory , The chip shortage in the automotive industry is likely to continue until 2022 year .

According to the information provided by the dealer , corolla Parameters picture )、 Asian lion and camry Recently, the delivery volume of manufacturers has decreased .“ Because of the chip problem , The manufacturer is continuously reducing production , There aren't many cars in the store . Some models have cars in stock , It depends on the configuration . Some cars are on the road , If you hurry, you'll be there in about ten days , If it's slow, it may take a month .” GAC Toyota 4S The store sales manager told reporters , at present highlander There are no cars in stock , Camry has no cars in stock , You need to make a reservation to collect the car ,“ highlander It's always hot ,2.0T The engine will have to wait about two months , Camry also depends on the configuration , Some models will arrive before the end of this month .”

Toyota Motor said in a statement recently : Although some results were achieved in the first quarter , But because COVID-19 is spreading in emerging countries 、 The shortage of semiconductor chips and the soaring price of parts , The future is still unpredictable .” Official data show , This year, 6 month , Toyota's sales in China fell year-on-year 2.9% to 16.8 Thousands of cars , This is it. 15 For the first time in months, sales were lower than last year .

The shortage of chips is not just a problem faced by Toyota enterprises , Many car companies are in a tight supply of chips . before , Volvo 、 Universal 、 ford 、 Honda 、 Nissan and other car companies have stopped production in a large area , Hyundai has also adjusted its production plan many times . As early as this year 5 month , Joint venture brands are obviously affected by the shortage of chips . The data of the ride show ,5 The monthly output of passenger cars is 157.6 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year decline in 2.6%, Among them, the production of luxury brands increased year-on-year 9%, The production of joint venture brands decreased 22%, Independent brand production growth 26%. China Automobile Circulation Association 8 The report released at the beginning of the month shows , The joint venture brand is subject to “ Core shortage ” influence , Sales continued to decline . Joint venture brand , The public 、 Honda 、 The production capacity of Toyota and other leading manufacturers has been greatly affected , Expected affected “ Core shortage ” influence , In the short term, the rise of joint venture brand market still faces some obstacles .

According to the data of the Federation , FAW Volkswagen and other companies magotan baolai The output of such models has decreased sharply in the last two months , FAW Volkswagen insiders said it was due to the shortage of chips .

According to foreign media reports , Infineon, a German chip maker, said recently that , Chip supply situation “ Extreme tension ”. Because the latest epidemic has disrupted production in Asia , Chip inventory has reached an all-time low , The company is trying to cope with the extreme tension in the chip market . Ying Feiling CEO Poulos says , Chip inventory is already very tight , Many order requirements have to be delayed , And the supply-demand balance of the whole industry needs time to recover , The crisis of chip shortage will continue until 2022 It's only a few years before it's relieved . BMW Group recently said , After strong growth in the first half of the year , The chip shortage will weaken it in the third quarter of this year 、 Even the overall performance in the second half of the year . General Motors CEO Bora (Mary Barra) Also said , It is expected that the rest of this year will last until 2022 year , The company will continue to face a shortage of semiconductors .

“ The larger the inventory, the more backward it is affected by the shortage of chips , Brands with relatively low inventory will be affected earlier . Toyota brand has done a good job in Supply Chain Management , Therefore, the inventory will be controlled at a relatively low level for a long time , Therefore, it is affected at this time node .” Lang Xuehong, Deputy Secretary General of China Automobile Circulation Association, told the first financial reporter , The problem of chip shortage began to appear last year , Domestic production and sales have been affected to a certain extent , The impact was more obvious in the second quarter and the beginning of the third quarter of this year ; At present, it has basically reached the highest point , It is expected to be relieved to some extent by the end of the year , The problem of chip tension in some models may continue until next year .

In Lang Xuehong's opinion , Cars are low-frequency consumer products , So even affected by the epidemic and chip shortage , But the demand for cars will continue . If the supply and epidemic situation can be alleviated within the year , It will hardly have a sales impact on the auto market , But there will be some fluctuations between months . If there is some relief at the end of the third quarter , The production loss caused by chip shortage should be in 100 Within ten thousand .

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