Independent new forces highlight the technological innovation ability of automobile brands and lead the intelligent innovation field

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independent new forces highlight technological

Consumer insight and market research institutions J.D. Power( Jundy )5 Officially released on 2021 The Research Report on China's automobile intelligent experience shows that , Independent new forces have outstanding brand technology innovation ability , The penetration of intelligent user experience and advanced technology configuration is ahead of other brands ; Mainstream traditional energy vehicles , The technological innovation level of independent high-end brands is stronger than that of joint venture brands , Relying on intelligence to realize the road of active revitalization .

According to introducing , The research on China's automobile intelligent experience measures that the car ownership period is 2 Months to 6 New car owners for months are right 42 Item technology configuration ( among 26 Item is advanced technology configuration ) Quality feedback and use experience , At the same time, the brand innovation index is calculated in combination with the performance of configuration assembly rate and utilization rate ( With 1000 Dividing ), Evaluate the overall innovation ability of automobile brands .

Studies have shown that ,2021 In, the average brand innovation index of the automobile industry was 504 branch , among , Independent new forces in brand innovation index (590 branch ) And two research factors ( namely : Functional performance index and market depth index ) In terms of performance, they are ahead of other automobile brands . The study also found that , Although the overall development level of mainstream traditional energy vehicles is relatively backward , But the performance of independent high-end brands is eye-catching , Take the lead in many joint venture brands , Among the top three traditional energy vehicles .

Besides , The study also found that : The utilization rate of advanced automobile technology configuration has increased steadily . Compared with last year , Two years of research covered 14 The in-depth utilization rate of advanced technology configuration has been improved to varying degrees . among , The proportion of car owners who often use face recognition or use face recognition every time has increased 19 percentage , The utilization rate of reverse side warning and gesture control is improved 17 percentage .

It is reported that ,2021 The research on China's automobile intelligent experience covers 58 Brand 264 A traditional energy vehicle and 28 Brand 50 New energy models , Data collection works on 2020 year 12 Month to 2021 year 5 During the month 70 China's major City Conduct .

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