Henan rainstorm insurance initially estimated loss of 11.221 billion yuan

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henan rainstorm insurance initially estimated

[ Car home information ]  According to media reports , By 8 month 3 Japan , The banking industry of Henan Province has accumulated credit funds for flood control and disaster relief and supporting post disaster reconstruction 1362.18 One hundred million yuan , Credit funds issued 571.01 One hundred million yuan ; The insurance industry has received a total of claims 54.58 Thousands of pieces of , Preliminary loss estimation 112.21 One hundred million yuan , The compensation has been settled 10.93 Thousands of pieces of , Settled compensation 18.51 One hundred million yuan .

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in addition , Henan banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau specially printed and distributed 《 Notice of Henan banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau on strengthening financial services and supporting post disaster reconstruction in Henan banking and insurance industry 》( Hereinafter referred to as 《 notice 》).

In terms of insurance claims ,《 notice 》 requirement , We should optimize the insurance claim settlement policy . according to “ Do special things 、 Urgent business is urgent ” Principles , Simplify claims procedures 、 Simplify the claims process 、 Simplify claims standards , Pay all that should be paid 、 Early compensation and quick compensation . Implement non discriminatory free rescue , Carry out site survey 、 No weather proof 、 Free rescue 、 Fixed loss direct compensation to the store “ Three exemptions have been ” service .

according to the understanding of , If flooded during driving ,2020 year 9 month 19 Insurance bought before the th , You have to buy car damage insurance and water related insurance to pay all the compensation . If you only buy car damage insurance , Then there is no compensation for engine water , Even if you buy Wade insurance , The losses caused by the second start are not compensated .2020 year 9 month 19 Insurance bought after the day , As long as there is car damage insurance , All paid in full (2020 year 9 month 19 After the day, the vehicle damage insurance includes water related insurance ).( Source : The first finance and economics, 、 Car cloud network ; compile / Car home Li na )

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