Standard & Poor's: China's auto industry will become increasingly electric

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[ Car home   information ] Standard & Poor's global rating was released recently 《 Prospect of electrification in China's automobile industry 》 According to the report , In the future, China's automobile industry will become more and more electric , meanwhile , The next year or two , China's new energy vehicles will still take the Chinese brand as the protagonist .

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According to the report , The next year or two , China's new energy vehicle market may still take its own brand as the protagonist . in fact , Before now 10 Big electric car manufacturers have 9 They are all local companies . But in the next three or five years , The industry pattern may change : The entry of new participants will intensify the competition , At the same time, the development focus of the industry will gradually shift from electrification to automatic driving 、 Smart cockpit 、 Networked transfer . The evaluated automobile manufacturers largely depend on the technology and platform of the joint venture , They have not yet made efforts in the field of new energy vehicles .

Yuan Jie, a credit analyst at S & P global ratings, said :“ In the next three to five years, whether the evaluated automobile manufacturers can catch up on the new energy track , Will be an increasingly important consideration in our rating analysis .” For dealers , Due to the high profit contribution of after-sales service business , future 24 The impact of the sales growth of new energy vehicles on their credit quality will be limited .( writing / Car home Qin Chao )

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