Carry out cooperation in the field of intelligence, SAIC and oppo

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carry cooperation field intelligence saic

[ Car home   information ]  recently , We learned from the authorities that , SAIC and OPPO Sign strategic cooperation framework agreement , Both sides will give full play to their leading advantages in the field of intelligent vehicles and intelligent terminal devices , Joint exploration in SOA Application service 、 Ecological domain integration 、 Research and application in vehicle engine interconnection and other fields , Work together to create a win-win and shared future smart car ecosystem . From the end of this year , Relevant technical achievements will be successively in SAIC's independent sector 、 Landing on the products of the joint venture brand .

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this , SAIC and OPPO Will be in SOA Cooperation in application service Ecology , Create multi scenario cross terminal application services , Help reach users efficiently . According to the agreement ,OPPO The application service framework will be introduced into the vehicle end , Enrich the vehicle end ecology ;OPPO Application service Developer Platform and SAIC SOA The developer platform will realize cross domain integration , Gather all developers , Create a new ecological business model .

The two sides will also jointly promote the application of vehicle machine interconnection ( Including the departure housekeeper , Watch car couplets , Digital car keys, etc ) Service and deployment at vehicle end , Carry out joint research and development in the relevant technical fields of intelligent cockpit , Jointly explore the cooperation mode and business mode of improving user experience Services .

Besides , The two sides will also work together to explore overseas cooperation , Especially in data security 、 Technology operations 、 Strengthen cooperation in areas such as ecological services , And carry out relevant strategic collaborative research on market expansion and accumulation of legal experience .( compile / Car home Xue Lian Zhang )

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