BYD's new energy sales reached a new high in July

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byd new energy sales reached

[ Car home   information ]  8 month 5 Japan , BYD announced 7 Monthly sales data ,7 The sales volume of BYD in June 56975 car , a 6 Monthly growth 14.5%, That's up from the same period last year 89.4%;1-7 Monthly cumulative sales of the whole department 304099 car , Year-on-year growth 60.04%.

After three months of continuous rise , BYD's sales of new energy vehicles 7 The month reached a new high ―― sales 50057 car , Year-on-year surge 262.7%. among , carrying DM-i Systematic DM Model sales 25061 car , Year-on-year growth 650.6%;EV The sales volume of pure electric vehicles has also increased steadily ,7 In sales 24996 car , Year-on-year growth 138.9%. This year, 1-7 A cumulative monthly , BYD's cumulative sales of new energy passenger vehicles reached 20.51 Thousands of cars , Cumulative year-on-year growth 170.62%.

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BYD's large and medium-sized car Han 7 Monthly sales volume 8522 car , The cumulative sales volume in one year after listing has exceeded 10 Thousands of cars . Han has continued to lead the Chinese brand medium and large car market since its listing , It also ranked No. 1 in the sales of medium and large cars in the first half of the year 5 A good grade , In front of it 4 For money BBA Its models and Lexus ES, Medium and large cars have always been a weak market for Chinese brands , It has been occupied by luxury brands for a long time , It is really worth affirming that Han made such achievements soon after his debut .

7 month 31 Japanese and Han EV Push the standard endurance luxury model , The price is 20.98 ten thousand , Only the range of the new model has changed , Other configurations are exactly the same .

 BYD han 2020 paragraph EV 4WD high performance flagship

『 han 2020 paragraph EV 4WD high performance flagship 』

At present, BYD is DM-i The production capacity on the model has increased rapidly , The delivery speed was accelerated , carrying DM-i The super hybrid models began to increase in volume . The qin dynasty PLUS DM-i As DM-i The vanguard of the series , Sales continue to rise ,7 Monthly sales 11230 car , Set a record of 10000 in a single month , Add Qin PLUS EV, The qin dynasty PLUS Total sales 16753 car . Besides , The song dynasty DM stay 7 Monthly sales volume 7264 car , Year-on-year growth 559.2%, The cumulative sales volume of the Song family has exceeded 94 Thousands of cars ; The tang dynasty DM( Parameters | inquiry ) stay 7 Monthly sales 3892 car , An increase of 198.2%.

 BYD The qin dynasty PLUS 2021 paragraph DM-i 120KM Flagship

『 The qin dynasty PLUS 2021 paragraph DM-i 120KM Flagship 』

 BYD The song dynasty PLUS New energy 2021 paragraph DM-i 110KM The flagship PLUS

『 The song dynasty PLUS New energy 2021 paragraph DM-i 110KM The flagship PLUS』

Pure electric vehicles ,7 Month yuan Pro Sales soared , element EV Total sales 4255 car . element Pro EV It's BYD after the flagship model Han Tang , The first model of switching blade battery on the market ,7 Month plus push 301KM The comfort model is more into 7 Ten thousand market , Accelerate the popularization of high-quality products 、 High safety electric vehicle .

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『 element Pro EV』

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In the first half of the year , BYD ranks third in the sales volume of domestic new energy vehicle enterprises , Behind SAIC GM Wuling and Tesla , But BYD is still the champion in the domestic plug-in hybrid market . Since the blade battery appeared , BYD has been in the highlight moment ,DM-i Introduction of Super Hybrid Technology , It shows BYD's forward-looking layout on the technical route ,DM-i Is helping DM The rapid growth of vehicle sales , With the increase of blade battery capacity , BYD's sales of pure electric vehicles equipped with blade batteries are also expected to continue in large quantities .( writing / Car home Wang Jingbo )

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