Five luxury cars with the best sales in the first half of the year came out, BMW accounted for 2, and Tesla was on the list!

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luxury cars best sales half

Many friends want to buy a luxury car , But I don't know which models sell well in the market 、 More popular , So I've been struggling with the question of which car is good . Recently, the CIRC released the insurance volume data of auto compulsory insurance , The sales data of luxury brand models have also been officially released . Since many friends don't know how to choose a luxury car , Today, let's take a look at the best sales in the first half of the year 5 Luxury car , I hope it can be a reference for everyone to buy a car .

fifth , Mercedes C level

Sales in the first half of the year :84197 car

Mercedes C As a luxury medium-sized car , It has an atmospheric appearance and exquisite interior design . Although the size is only 4784mm, But the wheelbase has reached 2920mm, Therefore, the actual space performance is very good . Of course , Mercedes C The seat length of the stage is shorter , Therefore, the comfort experience during long-distance ride is general . Power on ,C Class II 1.5T High and low power and 2.0T The engine , among 1.5T Low power version C200L models , The high-power version corresponds to C260L models , The transmission is fully matched 9 Self - contained gearbox .

Last , The generation of C Level is now facing product upgrading , So there are no small discounts on the terminal , In addition, Mercedes Benz's brand influence and model audience are broad , So this year 1-6 Month can sell 84197 It's not surprising that the sales data of cars show , Friends who like this car might as well go to the bottom to start with it .

A fourth , tesla Model 3

Sales in the first half of the year :85302 car

Model 3 As a new energy brand medium-sized car , Because it is produced by Tesla, an electric vehicle brand in Silicon Valley , So the attention is very high . Need to know , Tesla has always given the impression of being an elite fan 、 fashion 、 Technology , Former Model S、Model X It's exclusive to the rich , This makes ordinary people yearn for this brand . Now ,Model 3 The price of has fallen to 23.59 Ten thousand yuan , Plus its minimum endurance 468 km 、 At the slowest speed, you can accelerate 100 kilometers 5.6 second , So in the face of such a cost-effective model , It's hard for ordinary users to resist the temptation .

Last , Tesla's autopilot assistance system is also an industry leader , Coupled with its unique business philosophy , So Tesla... In the first half of this year Model 3 Sold a total of 85302 A new car , Have to say , Now the price has fallen to 20 More than the Model 3 It is still very attractive to users , It is also likely to continue to occupy a place in the hot luxury car market in the future , Rub one's eyes and wait .

The third , BMW 5 system

Sales in the first half of the year :90422 car

5 The Department has always been a popular luxury brand medium and large car , This generation of BMW 5 Because the wheelbase continues to lengthen , And the overall comfort has been improved a lot , So the product power has become stronger . in addition , Cash BMW 5 Tied to the terminal 2-3 Ten thousand special offers , Plus starting is 2.0T+8AT, So most people think , It's very cost-effective to start with such a luxury medium and large car .

Last , BMW has always been a luxury brand that is good at handling , In the eyes of users, the word of mouth is very high , Plus this generation of BMW 5 The system really achieves a good combination of handling and comfort , Therefore, hot selling has become a normalized event . This year, 1-6 month , BMW 5 The Department was sold 90422 A new car , As a model, the average selling price is 40 More than 10000 luxury medium and large cars , Can achieve such sales results , Of course, it is worthy of recognition .

proxime accessit , audi A6L

Sales in the first half of the year :94963 car

If BMW 5 The Department has won the love and recognition of consumers with its comprehensive product strength , So Audi A6L It is to occupy a large number of consumer markets with great terminal concessions . After all , Current Audi A6L The discount at the terminal can reach 8 More than ten thousand , Although the starting price is as high as 42 ten thousand , But after the discount, start an Audi A6L Only... Is needed 33 All s , Therefore, in this way, the cost performance of buying it is naturally very high .

On product power , audi A6L He has been the representative of the official car before , Now, although we have taken the route of science and Technology , But through the black Audi all over the street A6L We can see , In fact, buy Audi A6L People still like its solemn and atmospheric feeling . After all , The mainstream of the market BBA Medium and large cars or Audi A6L Looks the most formal 、 The most impressive , So it can hand over a copy in the first half of the year 94963 The sales report card of cars can't be taken for granted .

The first name , BMW 3 system

Sales in the first half of the year :102152 car

Never in my wildest dreams , In the first half of the year, BMW ranked first in luxury car sales 3 system . although 3 The name of the Department has always been resounding , But this generation of BMW 3 The degradation of the system is actually quite serious . Compared with the previous generation F30 The BMW 3 system , This generation code G20 The BMW 3 The system has obviously decreased in handling . When the new car comes on the market, it will , Many media even think that this generation 3 The series can no longer be the of BMW “ Totems ” models , This shows that this generation 3 It's a big gap in handling .

But then again ,3 After all, the Department is 3 system , Now it has come to the seventh generation car line , Although the handling is reduced , But comfort has improved , This is generally acknowledged . add 3 The terminal discount is not small 、 BMW always adheres to the strategy of selling more cars at the sales level , So BMW 3 The Department handed in a copy in the first half of this year 102152 New car sales report card . in general ,3 The Department has a solid position in the medium-sized car market , Well known , Therefore, the sales volume is naturally not worried .

At the end : In fact, after reading the best sales in the first half of the year 5 A luxury brand model, we will find , Mercedes Benz, BMW and Audi models are still the most willing to buy , Especially those classic models , People will not hesitate to buy , It can be seen that the models of these brands have a great impact on users . As for Tesla Model 3, The goods belong entirely to a troublemaker , Not only is the product powerful , Prices also fall again and again , So I'm looking forward to Tesla in the future Model 3 Can you fall below 20 Million mark , Let's wait and see . Last , If you want to buy a luxury car , I will choose the most popular one above 5 Is there a model ? Leave a message below , Let's talk about .( writing / ATV Da Zhuo )

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